Thursday, October 30, 2008

Karate Olympics....

You a mom I can't think of much that is harder to watch than your kids competing with other kids.......good grief! I think I'd rather gouge my eyeballs out! You want so badly for them to win but mostly you want so badly for them to be proud of themselves even if they don't. Last Saturday the kids participated in the Karate Olympics in Lebanon.....they each were competing in separate areas so it made it almost impossible to be there for all three of them as they competed.....they competed against kids in their own age group and poor Maggie was picked to go first in hers.....gosh, I could have just died with anxiety...I thought that going first would rattle her a bit but she told me afterwards that she wasn't nervous....(that's my girl!)..Maggie is my perfectionist and I prayed so hard for her.....she did wonderfully and I couldn't have been more proud of her......she did not place but she was a finalist and got a really sweet medal....and according to the scores we saw go up, we are almost positive she was 4th or 5th, out of about 18....
That's my girl!
Tyler competed as we were watching Mag.....I looked up just in time to see him doing his Kata.....he did superb! He was only competing against 5 people in his competition so in a couple of minutes they were handing out ribbons......Tyler won 1st place!!!! Whoooo Hooooo!!!! This kid seriously is supremely talented at whatever he decides to do....kind of sickening isn't it?
Well, about as fast as I found myself doing a toe touch for Tyler's accomplishment, it hit me that now I have one child that placed 1st and one that didn't. YIKES!!!! Seriously???? Does it have to be this way????? As I suspected, Mag was devestated.....she kept saying that she was "last".....regardless of the hoorah we made over her and how fabulous she did.
Me: "Ok, me to teach her how to be happy for her brother but also help me to reassure her of how wonderful she is"
Luckily as this was all coming to a head, Aidan was about to start so we were saved by the kata! And as we sat to watch Aidan, I saw tears swelling in her eyes.....I seriously almost lost it.....we have no idea really just how much a part of our hearts our kids are until it's breaking for them.....I grabbed her and put her head in my chest so that no one would see before the dam broke....I made it just in time too. I really don't remember exactly what I said to her.....because I'm pretty sure God was prompting my words.....but it seemed to soothe her and within a minute, she was up on her daddy's lap laughing...Me:Thank you Lord for your words of comfort"
Aidan had about a gazillion kids in his group too so he too did not place...but would have been around 4th or 5th based on the scores we saw... (I'm ashamed to say that part of me was glad.....I think that would have been the blow that Maggie couldn't have recovered from) but he was happy just the same....he even jokingly said "I'm last" (we could not seem to get him and Maggie to understand that they were not in fact last)...this kid is so light hearted that I sometimes wonder how he is mine!

He sure looks happy to be "last" doesn't he?

We had a great was a wonderful experience for them....a heart wrenching one for me as a mom.....but I can't tell you how proud I was of all 3 of them.....My heart was just about to "runneth over!"

Not "Where's Waldo?"...."Where's Adam?" :-)

And now....Deep Thought's with Aidan.....

It is a hoot for me to teach my kids! Really we have a blast and sometimes I think I'm the luckiest lady on the planet.....As you already know, Aidan is just a riot.....and what actually makes him so funny is that he isn't intending to be are a few of his answers ....and I do mean dead serious some of my questions this week....and just to put your mind at ease....he does now know the correct answers. :-)

  • Me: "Aidan, who lives at the North Pole?" (wanting him to differentiate between penguins or polar bears)
Aidan: "Elf".(hmmm...maybe that's a movie that needs to be put in rotation)

  • Me:"Tell me a word that rhymes with dress."
Aidan: "Breast"

  • Me: "What is the line called that separates the Earth?"
Aidan: "Apostrophe"

  • Me: "What do we put at the end of a word to show possesion?"
Aidan: "Compound S" ( He had been learning compound see where the apostrophe ended up right? it's busy separating the Earth)




Be sure to check back for our Trunk or Treat pics.....let's just say "The Fonz" will be making a special guest appearance!


And I saved the best for last! sure to check out my friend McKMama's beautiful miracle born yesterday....and be sure to read how he was not supposed to live at 24 weeks.....I think "will surely die" were their exact words....Pahh Haaa! We serve a mighty, miraculous God people...and he is still in the business of blowing doctors theories out of the water! Happy Birthday Baby little "full term, no tubes, no NICU" miracle you! "Thank You Lord for your faithfulness!"

"And whatever I do, may it always bring glory to you"

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