Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Happy Fall Ya'll!

"The way, the seasons come to pass, shows my heart....your Faithfulness!"...Paul Baloche

Could there be a better season???? I think NOT!

You can have your thermometers that read 150 degrees....your blistering hot sun..... suffocating humidity......and swarming of bugs! Just give me my sweatshirts.....sweaters.....comfy worn jeans....bonfires....oranges....browns....reds....apples....candy brewing on chilly tea steeping on chilly nights.....Friday night Football....swooshing pucks on the ice....candied apples....the smell of wood burning ....the crunching of leaves under my feet....pumpkins....mums....chili in the crockpot....and lest we forget the reason Fall even give us the excuse to build a fire, melt chocolate onto marshmallow, and sandwich them between graham crackers! Yum!!!

Fall this year seems to be a little "dull" here in TN this year....once again, we are below in the average rainfall we need....even while in Gatlinburg a couple of weeks ago, the foliage wasn't what I thought it would be already......maybe I am just a little premature and should give the poor little leaves time enough to do their "thing"......

Gatlinburg 2 weeks ago...

My mom and Ashley at the Pancake Pantry in Gatlinburg....

Ok, back to Fall..ya'll.....

We took this picture when we started school in August so that we could keep track of our trees in our front yard as they progress during the changing of seasons......we have thought all along that these were Maples but as we were reading in Science the other day, we realized that since they have "helicopters" on them, they must be Sycamores. Anyhoo, if you look close, you will see 2 or 3 leaves already turning....probably more to do with the dryness than actual foliage.....we aren't splitting hairs over it!

Ta-da! Mag showing off our Trees....

This is the same tree yesterday.....October 14th....still mostly green but a few oranges and reds on the ground to play in....

A couple of my other Fall favs....

Crayon Rubbings of Leaves on my Cabinets.....and no your eyes do not deciece you....I do have one lone black handle on my was a trial to see if I liked it....I do....just haven't been back to Lowe's to get more!

Seeing my son (and freakishly large poodle) snuggled up with a good book in his PJ' of the perks of Homeschooling!

GEVALIA COFFEE BREWING IN THE MORNINGS!!! I would have included a pick of my Cuisinart coffeemaker because I do love it too....but that would have meant cleaning it up for the photo shoot.....nah!


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