Wednesday, October 1, 2008

I Spy......a rockin' Homeschool group!

Long Hollow Gallatin Homeschoolers...Whoo Hoo!!!

Wow, we are some field trippin' fools this year! I am feeling very blessed that so many families in our church have decided to Homeschool this year. I belonged to a group in the community before but never could "connect" with anyone in that group. Now I have the privilege of taking my kids on some really neat trips and getting to hang out with great women that I know and love at the same peeps! :-)

Yesterday we visited downtown Historic Franklin, TN. It started to sprinkle just as we got out (and the sky looked like it was about to drop out on us) but thankfully we were spared and the weather turned perfect. We walked around Public Square for about an hour or so, on foot, led by a tour guide.....

The kids were given "packets" that contained clues and such that they were to visually find.....some were dates and places in history, some were architectural designs on buildings, and then there was a "rub" of the Sea Level seal that they made by rubbing crayon over the top of it....

All three of my kiddos just loved it....Tyler even saying it was his favorite field trip so far. And it was only supposed to be for up to age 11! Hmmm....Not sure what this might mean for my son exactly. :-)

Tyler drawing a "Christian Door" are called a Colonial Door...Colonials built them to have a design of the cross on it and what looks to be the Bible opened up because they were a little superstitious and thought it would keep evil spirits out of their homes...neat huh?

Tyler and Maggie did theirs on their own but I helped Aidan a bit in the the end though, he was spotting the things on his sheet and crossing them off even before we really got to it. It was neat to see how observant he was being when necessary....because we all know that this is the kid that can't seem to keep his eyes on any one thing for more than .5 seconds!

Finding where and when cannons were made

I just threw this one in because I am shamelessly proud of my three kids!...and because it's my blog and I can totally do that kind of stuff and get away with it!

Afterwards, we all loaded up and headed to Pinkerton Park for lunch and a little playtime. I forget sometimes how nice it is here in TN in the Fall....not to cold, not too hot...just right! It made for the perfect day of fellowship with friends and "Homeschool-mates"

He looks a little "tired"....Pahhh Haaa!
I crack myself up!

So he's not mine but I'm showing him off cause he's too darn cute!

"Thank you Lord for your provisions on this journey we are on called is not always easy, yet because it was your plan for me all along, you always know exactly what I need or maybe even who I need to persevere...."

"And whatever I do, may it always bring glory to you"

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