Friday, October 17, 2008

A Concert and a Zamboni

  • Dinner in the car on the way.....$10
  • Two Concert tickets to see Meredith Andrews, Fee, and Phil Wickham.....$20
  • Two really cool t-shirts....$40
  • Rocking out and worshipping with my oldest son.....Priceless!
While I was at the Joyce Meyer conference in St. Louis a couple of weeks ago, I fell in love with an artist she had play for a bit both days......he was, I think, one of 10 men out of the 10,000 women there that weekend......Phil Wickham....I absolutely love love love his voice! And he is super annointed to lead worship....So when I got home, my friend Stacey, that was with me in St. Louis, called to tell me that Phil was gonna be right here in Hendersonville.....with Fee (Steve Fee)!!! I already love him from like a hundred years ago! Another fabulous worship leader! So of course I said....consider me there!

Adam had to go to East TN which was a bummer but I saw it as a beautiful opportunity to take Tyler.....I am so thankful that the Lord places certain "loves" in each of my children that I can connect with...things that keep the gap small as they continue grow....with Tyler, it's music....we sort of "get" that about each other.....the fact that it's a little like breathing in and out.....

What's a date night without a "date" shot???

Heading into the show!

What's that strange thing on the windows....could it be rain?

Fee...well, his back at least.....and some kids with funky hair....and yep, you counted correctly....4th row baby!

Tyler with Steve Fee and the Band....

Tyler with Phil Wickham......his new blog buddy!

As you can see, we had ourselves a fabulous time, me and my boy, our good friends Ben and Stacey, and our Worship Pastor Mike and his son Caleb (Tylers bestest) spite of the fact that I may very well have been one of the oldest people in the room! And the fact that someone in my vacinity had terrible foot odor! :-)


Did I mention that my genious of a husband found us a marvelous truck???? '98 with only 63k miles! Unheard of! We bought it Wednesday......we are now one step closer to hooking up a camper!.....well, once we get a camper and all! :-)

So thanks little elderly man that decided to reside in the sunshine state and sell everything you owned in TN.....your truck is about to make us some fun camping memories!

affectionately named "The Zamboni" our hockey loving grandpa always drove trucks like this so it makes me miss him a even has that old man "work" smell inside of it....except his certainly never had Cd players in them!

"And whatever I do, may it always bring glory to you"

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