Wednesday, October 8, 2008


Now that I have your attention..... :-)

Nowhere in the know, the ones we read that tell us "what to expect"....did it tell me that after months of being so sick and being able to smell even the paint on the walls, months of sleeping in an upright position and living on a diet of Tums, and after 95 hours (my blog, my sob story) of labor and delivery, would I then have to do something so daunting....that I would consider a tour of duty just to get out of it!


Or as my dad would have said when I was a teenager, s-e-x. He couldn't bring himself to say it to me so I suppose spelling it was like ripping the band aid off. (I love you daddy! And seriously, don't feel bad....I'm seriously considering myself just referring to it as "you know what")

Before you think that we are horrible failures as parents let me reassure you that we have told him some basics.....all of which not too descriptive (and not too uncomfortable for us to talk about.) I have been upfront with how he will not always think girls have cooties. And how God's design is for him to start being attracted to a full throttle kind of way even! And how once he is married, this is all great and to be enjoyed to the fullest!

But, as a homeschool family, we are not thrust into an environment of needing to know these things way too fast just because 3 or 4 kids in their class do. Or because some may already be experimenting in these areas and talking about it to each other...... My failings come in to play here.....thinking that church Youth group would be any different.

We have been in a Student Crusade this week where words like sex, rape, and pornography have been mentioned.....all the while I am cringing inside.....not because I wish to live under a rock...(although it has crossed my mind)....but because it truly breaks my heart to its core that our children have to hear and have their minds forever filled with the serious evil in our world today....and in my old fashioned, naive, opinion....way too soon! I realize that once they know.....they know. There is never a time in which my son will just be innocent again in his mind and thinking.....and it breaks me. (It also breaks me that I can find size 5 girls underwear in "low rider" style with skull and crossbones on the rear in Target!)

So tonight.....I am thinking that Adam and I have earned all the fondue in Heaven we could want......our reward right??? Because we got very descriptive and very uncomfortable last night! (Adam gets extra fondue.....he has to talk about all the weird body things that happen to boys.....ewww!)

We talked about things that made me blush. We talked about things that made Adam unable to complete sentences, and we talked about things that made Tyler laugh at his insanely unhip parents I'm sure......the point? We talked! And it feels good and right that we did. We opened a dialogue with our son that will hopefully be a lifeline should he need it one day.

So thank you Clayton King for loving these kids enough to not want to be cool in their eyes...for getting in their face regarding issues most people won't touch...for being bold for God..(you are super cool to us parents!)

Thank you Jill for lending me some terrific God based literature for this horrific task!

There....Band Aid off! Ahhhhh!

Who is Lord???
Speaking of Student Crusade.....this was the question posed....three simple words meant to help guage how we make decisions in our lives.....I know this was meant to be a "student" revival.....but us 30 somethings will never be the same! Seriously I'm talking being broken before the Lord over our sin and how we have been treating each other to the point of face down, snot in the carpet, conviction.....He is so good and so faithful to love such morons like us!
I am nothing without you Jesus!!!
Do not be surprised when I am sending my new Canadian address out! Oh my gosh I cannot even stand to listen to this political mess! And the thought of this man being the President of our country????? ...sing it with me "Oh Canada....."
How comforting to know that none of this is catching you off guard Lord! I pray that your people would pray humbly to you and that you would heal our land.
Gevalia coffee is simply the best coffee there is! If you don't have some....get some! My fav? "German Chocolate Cake"
It is raining in Middle TN!!! Whooo Hoooo!!!

"And whatever I do, may it always bring glory to you"

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