Monday, July 9, 2012

Lord of the Rings, Chocolate Gravy, and Name Dropping.{InstaFriday...on a Monday}

This is happening right now. So is an awful lot of jiggling. #disturbing #massagechairs

This happened this week.
It was too hot outside to do much else.
Man...I sure wish my legs were as tan as InstaGram makes them out to be.
I love pedicures but have a love/hate relationship with the massage chairs you sit in.
Love the massage..hate the jiggle.
It really is disturbing.
I just go to my happy place and tell myself that the guy doing my pedi doesn't notice.

Before. #chaosinthefridge

112 degree weather is the perfect excuse to stay home all day.
And do some organizing.
Nothing drives me battier than a fridge in chaos.
See that upside down ketchup bottle in the bottom of the door?
It makes me twitch.

After. #organizedchaosinthefridge

There...that's better. ::exhale::
My mom saw this picture and called me to tell me that she didn't really see a difference.
I love her for it.
Really I do.

My little sister is engaged!!!! Finally!!!!

My little sister finally got engaged.
By finally I mean it is about time they did.
Not "we were fearful she'd be an old maid" finally.
My mom felt I should have clarified that on InstaGram.
I love her for it.
Really, I do.

Lord of the Rings AND Chocolate Gravy for the first time all in one day. More excitement than one human can stand in a day. @ashjoy1

We had Ashten over after church Sunday.
She had never seen Lord of the Rings.
No wait...there's more.
She had also never had chocolate gravy.
I's disturbing isn't it.
That poor, poor girl.
We took care of both in one day.

Ol' Glory. #4thofjuly

We had a fabulous Fourth.
Water sponge ball fights.
Hot dogs on the grill.
And Ol' Glory on my plate.
My mom made this.
And I really do love her for it. :-)

Just in time for pasta salad on the Fourth. #squarefootgardening

Who knew cherry tomatoes could steal your heart?
They have.
Every morning they greet me like little ruby red pearls strung on green.
Little miracles.
I can't help but sing this song every time I hang out in my garden.

Random fact: That cello player? I know her. Meet Cara.  She accompanied me on a Sunday morning for worship once. I got so lost in her cello solo during the bridge that I almost forgot to come back in. I big puffy heart love a cello.

While I'm shamelessly name dropping, let me mention this guy.
His name is Rhett and he's about to be all kinds of famous.
I had the privilege to lead worship with him for most of 2011.
Before he went and got all "I've got to go on tour" on us.

@rhettcanipe sings "How He Loves" probably better than anyone I know.

He's amazingly talented...and sings 'How He Loves' like no one else in my book.
See, I had to snap a's that good.
To this day I cannot sing Revelation Song without hearing his South Carolina twang harmonizing with me "you are my everythang".

He has a new album that he is promoting "When Mercy Found Me" and I'd love for you to head over to his Facebook page and Twitter page and show him some love...would ya?
Heck have a listen while you're there.
He's a swell guy and his music is....real, raw, and authentic.
In other words, rare.
I'm super proud of him and you can tell him I said so.

This is the real reason I live in that ridiculously talented folks like Cara and Rhett can make me look good.

Lovin my new Mary Jane #crocs. Lovin the fact that they were $14 even more. Thanks #shoebuy

When I was a kid I remember thinking that new shoes made me run faster.
Now I'm 36.
I don't run.
It's the cheap shoes I'm after.
They just fit better don't they?
$12 Crocs.

life rearranged

"My every mortal breath, is Grace and nothing less"

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