Tuesday, October 21, 2008

POP!!!....went my ankle....

Day four of life with one leg......erghhh! I hate this! I could seriously lose my mind! Wait, I guess I should back up a bit and tell you how I came to have only one leg in proper working order....

Friday night I was about 2 minutes into my kickboxing class, doing some shuffling forward (think boxer stance) for warm ups when all of a sudden...(and I mean like I have no memory of how, it happened so fast) I hear this nauseatingly loud POP and down to the mat my big rear fell.....I consider myself to have a pretty high pain threshold but holy cow....this was some pain I have never felt before...like an ax had been taken to my ankle.....I immediately thought it must be broken....one because I had never felt anything like that before and two because I immediately felt like I was going to pass out or throw up....or both!

My instructor heard the pop as well and was on me in what seemed like seconds....i could hardly breathe it was so bad....then a few minutes later, numb. So they managed to get me to a chair and ice me up to wait for Adam.....then the pain came back with a vengeance! And I started to shake uncontrollably....sort of like when you come out of anesthesia....or at least that's the only other time I have experienced it....so I was shocking a bit from the pain...which started freaking me out that they were about to call an ambulance! I remember a lady in my class which happens to be an EMT asking if my chest felt heavy....good grief! Am I about to die here???? That was so stupid for me to be so afraid now that I think back to it....never picked up a paper and read "man dies today of broken ankle".....I'm a bit dramatic that way though so my mind was racing...plus I had already heard her telling my instructor like 3 times that it was not good.....EMT lady should have kept her scary thoughts to herself.... :-)

Long story short, I saw an Orthopaedic surgeon yesterday and he was surely the bearer of bad news....I basically ripped apart 2 of the 3 ligaments in my ankle....and tore the 3rd...worst sprain you can have...he said I would have been better off to have broken it....what???? Yep, that's what he said....apparently bones heal easier than ligaments. Said it may take a month to get back on it well. Who knew? He gave me a sassy little shoe to wear.....wanna see it?

Isn't it fabulous? I must say that it is my new best friend! Up until now, I have had no help walking on my crutches (or crunchers as Aidan called them tonight) so my armpits are so stinkin bruised and sore....this boot helps give me a buffer to rest my foot on the ground a bit without bearing weight or feeling the breath taking pain.

I have been so miserable this weekend with just sitting and doing nothing....I have thrown myself a pity party for one.....streamers, balloons, and you guessed it...cake! Seriously, this has had me down a bit....being confined and helpless....depending on the help of others.....this must be life when I'm 80..and it has made me appreciate my health and the ability to be active a lot more...I do believe I had been lazy and taken it for granted...all I can think now is, "man, I wish i could run!" and I don't even run!

Adam has taken on the role of Mr. Mom.....I've even had to surrender my precious laundry room to him......yikes! The kids have been precious taking care of their momma......awwww...I just hope they are this eager to take care of me when it's time to put me in the nursing home!

Maggie and I had just been watching a thing about how oil paintings are made.....so yesterday afternoon as we sat for almost three miserable hours to see the doctor, she noticed one on their wall.....she was so cute, she leaned into me and softly asked, "Is that a wax painting?" I couldn't help but laugh!


As I instructed Aidan this week as to what his chores were for that day, I heard him say, "crap!" in the other room.......eeehh! I seriously need to watch how much I say that!


The kids have their first Karate tournament coming up this weekend....I am super proud of them all....they take it so serious and take such initiative to learn it and practice at home even....I'll be sure to take pics.

We visited a Pumpkin Patch on Saturday.....yes that would be the day after my little "fall".....the next time I say pumpkin patch and crutches in the same sentence....shoot me! I'll bet I trekked 2 miles on those crutches all over that farm.....and paid for it dearly that night and next day! But a Pumpkin Patch we had promised and a pumpkin patch we delivered! I'll get those pics up as soon as I can sit for a while at the other computer.

Adams softball team lost last night ending out the Fall season....he played great and really enjoyed himself..even getting 2 grand slams this season...whoo hoo...I'm sure he's looking forward to Spring already! Hope his joints are!(And I was just getting excited about the hot cocoa!)
I am certain that we have to have the gassiest dogs in all of Tennessee! Good grief!

"And whatever I do, may it always bring glory to you"

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