Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Fall Mantle 2012 {Burlap and Bandanna Pennant}

I finally finished my Fall Mantle.
I really wanted a tall, empty, wooden frame to add some height on the left.
Realistically, it probably won't happen this year.
So I'm gonna enjoy it as is.

Happy Fall Ya'll.




"My every mortal breath, is Grace and nothing less"

Tuesday, October 23, 2012

InstaFriday...on Tuesday

Love these doors behind the couch. The quote from " Oh the Places" is just icing on the cake. #diy

I took this picture at the Nashville flea market a while back. It was on the front of a magazine. I still have no idea what it was for..I just wanted to remember it.
The doors.
The words.

 Lemon rosemary chicken and potatoes and carrots. So yummy. Thanks to @thefresh20

Thanks to The Fresh 20 I am whipping up some of the finest, healthiest grub ever to grace my kitchen.

All fresh ingredients.
No processed food.
No frozen food.

If you knew would know how huge this whole dairy free/cooking with zero processed foods thing is.

Ok, if you really know me...and some of you do, so I can't's equally huge that I'm cooking...period.
I hate to cook.
I do it, but it intimidates me, therefore I hate it.
This would be why I married a man with a Bachelor's degree from The Culinary Institute of America folks.

This time though, momma is cooking.

Scouts honor.

Holy tilapia Batman! I made this all by myself!!! no culinary graduate hubby here to help. My teenager told me it coulda been on Chopped. Ha! Thanks to @thefresh20

We have had major tummy issues around here.
Dairy/processed food free eating has truly changed everything.

Every time I put this food on the table, they start looking around like they are waiting for someone...I think they may be looking for the coming of Jesus.

My teenager said I should go on Chopped.

Our view this afternoon. My poor boy has sinus and ear infection we think. Just grateful for a pediatric office open on Sundays.

We've battled the funk recently.
Landed my youngest here with an ear infection.
Poor kid has had bad ears his whole life.
Two sets of tubes.
I love how our Pediatric office has murals of foreign countries on the wall.
Because pretending you are at the Pyramids in Egypt just makes everything better in life I guess.

Found this "friendship blanket" while antiquing yesterday. I can't stop thinking about it. Covered in squares with heartfelt messages from across the country. Each square a different person...a different message of love...a different state. Each dated...f

I found this "Friendship Quilt" while thrifting.
I can't stop thinking about it.
Covered in squares with heartfelt messages from across the country.
Each square a different person.
A different state.
A different message of love.
Dates ranging from 1931-1932
A gift more than a year in the making.
I love that one square was from "Mother"...and it has the cutest heart on it.

I just can't get over the love and time put into this.
Did they mail it to each other till completion?
Did the recipient feel like the most loved gal in the world??
Was it a new bride??
We don't give gifts like this today.
I may just have to go back and buy it.

I'm pretty sure @daveramsey would not approve.

LIFE is a favorite family night game in our house.
My teenager especially loves to kick my tail in this game.
During a recent game, I looked down and saw this.
Couldn't help but think that Dave Ramsey would not approve of my lifestyle.

It may not be pretty...but it sure is delicious and full of the good stuff. Almond milk, Kale, carrots, strawberries, mango, blueberries, banana, raw honey, chia. #greensmoothie #chia

It may look like it came out of a baby diaper, but I declare, my smoothies are so dang good ya'll.

Because every little brother that has a big sister will eventually inherit her bike and get ahold of it with a can of spray paint. #goodbyepurple

Because every little brother that has a big sister will eventually inherit her bike and get ahold of it with a can of spray paint.

He wanted mud brown. Go figure. #boys

He wanted "mud brown"...go figure.

A person with ADD would have been totally distracted by this little guy. Taking pictures and everything. Phew...glad that's not me. #squirrel

A person with ADD would have been totally distracted by this little guy.
Snapping pictures with their phone and everything. glad that's not me.

Our church has a ministry called TFL "Tailgate For Life" (a spin in our church name) each Tennessee Titans game at home, a large group of moms dads and kids head down to the parking lot before the game. As folks are coming in for the game, they are invite

Our church has a ministry called TFL "Tailgate For Life" (a spin in our church name).
Each Tennessee Titans home game, a large group of moms, dads, and kids head down to the parking lot before the game to serve up FREE hot dogs and burgers.
Folks are invited to grab a chair, eat, chat, or play corn hole.
If they choose they can hang around for a time of devotion...if not they can leave with full bellies.
My boys love to participate in this.

Second floor view from my bedroom. Gorgeous. #nofilter #fall #fallintennessee

I took this picture out of my second floor bedroom window this week.
Fall has arrived in Tennessee.
How about where you are?
Are the leaves turning yet?
Already gone?

life rearranged

"My every mortal breath, is Grace and nothing less"

Wednesday, October 10, 2012

How to Decorate With Seasonal Kids Art

Going through fall decorations and found these in a tote. Decided to slap them up on a small wall in my kitchen. Makes me happy. (Some are from my 16 year old's Kindergarten year...this fact kinda makes me weepy) #fall #thanksgiving #kidart

We are on fall break this week which leaves me with a little time on my hands to decorate the house for fall.

I big puffy heart love fall ya'll.

I keep a tote or two or five for each season and the decorations that go with it.

When the kids make any type of artwork that goes with that particular season...I usually keep it in that box.

Yesterday while pilfering through fall boxes, I found Fall/Thanksgiving artwork I have saved over the past years.

I never know what to do with it.

I used to stick it all on my kitchen cabinets but now that my cabinets are painted, I'm afraid to adhere anything onto them.

So I had the genius idea..and by genius I mean people have probably been doing this forever and I just now thought of it...of putting them up on a small wall in my style.

No measuring required.

No stressing over what goes where.

Just grab the Scotch tape and slap it up.

It's my way.


Turkeys made from hands...that still had fat dimpled fingers.

Paper chains of "gratitude".

Construction paper pilgrims.

This wall makes me happy.

I cannot wait to do the same thing for Christmas.


I keep everything my kids make.

It's bad.

I just can't seem to throw it into a garbage can when their little hands made it.

I may be on hoarders one day...making a walking path through piles of construction paper.

How about you?

Do you save your kid's art?

Pick through and keep your favorites?

Have a system for saving that you could share?

I'm Lovin' It at TidyMom

Thirty Handmade Days

"My every mortal breath, is Grace and nothing less"

Sunday, October 7, 2012

Because Sometimes Real Life Comes Before Blogging

Sometimes life...real life...needs me more.

Sometimes the ever changing needs and seasons of children growing up requires more time...more attention.

Sometimes God opens new doors and brings new opportunities...and they need more time...more attention.

And in the chaos of trying to be everything to everyone...I only manage to feel like I am failing at all of it.

In July I felt God asking me to lay down my blog for a while.


I needed to be reminded.

I blog because moment by moment, memories are being made...and I want to remember...not be remembered.

I blog because I want to capture every moment I am given with my children...not capture an audience. {If I do...I am truly grateful...but not the goal}

I blog because clocks tick without permission, memories scramble in my mind with age, their faces change, their voices change, they grow taller and taller and I cannot stop any of it...only purge every detail here while I still remember.

I blog because every now and again, He gives me something to say...and I am to be obedient in sharing.

I see things like "stats" and "hits" growing...

My inbox fills with offers to write and promote and join...and I am tempted to please the masses...

Maybe I should this...or maybe I should that...I could do this to draw more...or I could start doing that to make my blog more....

Please do not get me wrong or take anything I am saying out of context.
I am so grateful for every momma blogger out there that is able to consistently blog or make a career out of blogging.
I have formed some of the most precious, genuine friendships through the community of bloggers.
My life is all the better because of their willingness to share their wisdom and engage with their readers.
Not to mention my decor.

But so often I have to be reminded...this is not what He has asked of me in this season of my life.

It is not the calling He has placed on me.

It is not to be my focus.

---------------------------------------------------------------------- house is in order...His blessing is on is time.

So forgive me as I break the golden rules of blogging...1) apologizing for being absent so long 2) sharing way too many pictures. 3) writing more than a couple of paragraphs 4) confessing how much I have missed sharing my mindless ramblings with you all. :)

This.....this is this season of my life....I blog.....

Went into @magpie26 's room to put something away. Found this on her mirror. Must be her favorites. Gosh she makes me proud that girl of mine. God is going to use her in such a big way. #1000gifts

Because there are moments I catch a glimpse of my daughter's faith...and it takes my breath away.

Dessert and orange juice for breakfast per the birthday boy's request. Happy 10th birthday Aidan!!! #mybabyboy #doubledigits

Because my youngest child turned double digits...and requests cupcakes and orange juice for breakfast...and I oblige because he is my baby. Poor kid...he doesn't have a clue that I'm never gonna let him leave.

He fell asleep here in my lap...and I kinda just don't want to move. Ever. #mybabyboy #1000gifts

Because even though he's double digits...he still falls asleep in my lap...and I never want to move.

Apparently Bo felt he needed a little bling. So he took the a/c vent.

Because my four legged child likes to lay on the air vents...and take them with him. We call this Bo's bling.

Las Paletas. #summerlist

Because we make a summer list...and check things off.

Wax. Pretty much my BFF right now. #ouch

Because even at 36 you're not too old to wear braces...again.

They don't call it The Emerald Coast for nothin'.

Because this exact view has been a yearly tradition for the past 9 years.

Sugar White Sand. Two Beach Chairs. Sunrise. My Man. #1000gifts

Because the kids are older now...and we get to sip our coffee on the beach at sunrise...alone.

Sunset. Had no idea that bird was there. Bonus. #nofilter

Because sometimes...if I'm lucky...a seagull flies into my just the right time.

Never a dull moment when out to eat with these 3.

Because there is never a dull moment with these three.

A boy and his hot chocolate. #tradition

Because hot cocoa at The Donut Hole is also tradition.

Date night at Camille's. #havingateenagerisawesome

Because having a teenager means having date night at the beach. ::please refrain from all metal mouth jokes::

Busted...having fun together. #siblings

Because sometimes they aren't looking...and I catch them...having fun...together.

My 12 year old daughter reading "Kisses From Katie"...on her own accord...again. This excited me and scares me to my core all at the same time. #kissesfromkatie #amazima #amazimaministries

Because I catch my 12 year old daughter reading Kisses From Katie...for the second time...and I feel terrified/excited/happy/humbled/inspired/terrified...all at the same time.

Just found this on my daughters instagram. Where did my little girl go?! Oh. My. Word. She's stunning. @magpie26

Because I find a picture of said 12 year old on Instagram and the air is sucked from my chest because I see the stunning young woman she is becoming.

My daughter just painted this for me. @magpie26 #sigh #sheamazesme

Because she paints things like this...and I on earth did such a talented, passionate, artistic, being ever come from my DNA???

My world right now.  #homeschool #advancedbiology #havemercy

Because we are homeschooling through high school...and Advanced Biology is a beast.

Spending the day with my teenager. Cadaver lab at Lipscomb, now lunch at Chipotle. Mercy...such a handsome fella. :)

Because my 16 year old gets to do cool things like cadaver labs {yes, real cadavers} at Lipscomb University...followed by lunch dates with mom at Chipotle.

Not quite...but honestly...pretty darn good. This was my last hurdle to get over in the quest to be dairy free. #dairyfree

Because at 36 I've not only decided to correct what my 12 year old non-retainer wearing self did to 3 years of orthodontia...but I've also decided to radically change the way we eat in our home.

Our new date night routine. Loving it. #nogmos @oopajm1

Because a new way of eating means a new kind of date night. Healthy is sexy.

Leaf collecting with my kiddos. Got all 30 leaves we needed and a gorgeous sunset. Bonus. #homeschool #nofilter

Because 7th grade leaf collections lead to roaming the lake with my sunset.

This weeks vintage lovelies. I may or may not have run across the flea market like a (not so graceful) gazelle to grab that coke crate. Then, I may or may not have held onto it like it was a winning lottery ticket when I saw the price... $25. Oh and the c

Because a spontaneous trip to the flea market leads to super duper cheap vintage finds.

Camping on the lake...and this. #hellofall

Because summer fades...and gives way to fall...and that means camping on the lake. And pumpkin butter.

"3rd Annual LCA camping trip last day football game." #homeschool

Because fall is not complete without our annual LCA {homeschool tutorial} camping trip.

Best friends since 3rd grade.

Because some friendships started in the 2nd grade...and are still going strong.

Bringing the classroom to life. Junior docent day at The home of President Andrew Jackson. #homeschool #thehermitage

Because every fall we take part in the Junior Docent program at The Hermitage...home of President Andrew Jackson.
Because he is the only kid I have left that does not think he is too cool.

On our way to the partway...celebrating 10 years of the uniqueness that is "Aidan".

Because every now and then...I get lucky enough to capture a moment like this.
Tyler and his sheepish grin.
Maggie and her infectious smile.
And one of a kind Aidan... being one of a kind Aidan.

Because one day...they will be grown and gone {I will have no choice but to get a lap dog}...and this is all I will have left.

This is why I blog.

Remind me.

life rearranged

"My every mortal breath, is Grace and nothing less"

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