Monday, January 26, 2009

When it's 64 degrees in January...

....this is where you'll find what if it's cloudy & grey??? It's 64 glorious degrees!!!
WARNING: If staring at ungodly amounts of pictures of what, in my very biased opinion is the best lookin' family you'll lay eyes on in this lifetime, is not your cup of tea....this post is not for you!!!
they are so blessed to have such a fun daddy...especially when their mom is busy stalking them with her camera, trying to choose between "aperature priority" and "manual" and which white balance to use and all the while not really having a clue as to what she's doing!

not too big for his dad yet!

see the tongue??? see where he gets it from in one of the pics above??

watching his boy dig sand...

"when my daddy throws me...
"....I can fly!" ....from one of our fav books!

don't hate her....

because she's beautiful!


tunnel vision

what can I say? McKMama inspires me!

"And whatever I do, may it always bring glory to you"

Thursday, January 22, 2009

Field Trippin' and Moon Walkin'

Over the past 2 weeks we have been field trippin' and even went moon walkin' in our little Homeschool! And I have just been either too busy photoshoppin' or cold medicine poppin' to actually post about them. So today since I am home from church sick, I am gonna make sure I get these up.

In December a friend had tickets to go and see "Charlie and the Chocolate Factory" at the Nashvile Childrens Theatre was wonderful! It is one of my kids favorite movies and they genuinely enjoyed seeing a familiar story come to life. While we were there, we decided to hit the Tennessee State Museum to see an old friend...a mummy to be exact! We have been there numerous times (it's free) and have seen the mummy dating back to 1300 BC (that somehow ended up in Nashville,TN!) many times but Maggie and Aidan have been specifically studying about Egypt and how bodies were mummified in their history so any chance I get to connect the dots in their little minds of what we are studying to something they can feast their eyes (or hands) on, I jump at it! So here are a few highlights from the trip to see the mummy....

Maggie and Aidan watching a short film...

the way Frontier people took care of horse thieves...
the way I plan to take care of teenagers ;-)
Maggie would not have been a horse thief....she's too claustrophobic.

ok, did these have to fade out with the Frontier people???

look at my sweet husband toting around my camera bag...

The mummy....I wish I'd thought to get a pic of his cat mummified at his feet!

you can even still see his teeth...amazing
If you live in the Nashville area, this Museum is a must see....and it's free!

Of course no outing is complete in the McManus family without a little humor...

Maggie and Aidan were also studying Space and the Planets and Space Travel in Science so we decided to go and check out the new addition to the Adventure Science Center in Nashville. I was super stoked to find out that my teachers ID from our umbrella school got me in for free! And the kids loved the new Space wing of the Center...

Tyler at mission control...
All geared up....Aidan didn't weigh quite enough...guess we should feed him better poor guy
...while Tyler does the Moon Walk

waitin' to do moon walkin' father/daughter style...
Life with less gravity...
there is something very priceless about this...

so he's no Michael Jackson, but the man has some moves I tell ya!

ok, this thing is seriously you turn and tilt it, it's like Google earth...zooming in and out, we were able to find our neighborhood even.

Aidan checking out Saturn and those icy rings...

this big globe thingy changes all the time...very cool
So as you can see we have had a busy couple of weeks learning about life in Egypt and on, since I'm home sick I think I'm gonna take advantage of the peace and quiet and rest a you hear that? ...golden silence! ;-)
"And whatever I do, may it always bring glory to you"

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