Monday, October 27, 2008

Not Me Monday!

For a real hoot of a time, be sure to check out McKMama's blog above....oh, and be sure to send some love and prayers her way this week while her and her family prepare to bring baby Stellan into the world!

I am not sitting here at 9am blogging, without having my coffee even.....

And I am not already feeling a caffeine headache coming on because of it.....

And I am not letting my kids sleep way too late so that I can have time to myself after oversleeping.

I did not fall on Oct. 17th in my kickboxing class and shred my ankle ligaments resulting in a Grade 3 sprain....only very old or very clumsy people would do such a foolish thing!

I am not the least bit bitter about the fact that I was trying to do something good for myself and my health and well, it just doesn't seem quite fair!

I did not skip last weeks "NMM" due to being loopy on "happy pills"...that may have been interesting I must say!

I am not now having serious issues mentally with my lack of mobility....because seriously it seems like I'm always wishing to sit down and do nothing! Turns out, I only want to do that when given the choice I guess.

I am not in serious denial about how long recovery may take......I am however praying that God will prove that theory wrong!

I do not look at people as they walk or run past my house and covet their healthy feet....

I have not had an overwhelming desire to run now that I can't even walk....this is super comical to those that know me!

I have not promised the Lord that if He would heal my ankle properly I will run my tush off to give Him glory for it!

I did not actually read "Runner's World" while waiting in the Orthopaedic Surgeons office..because I would certainly not look "the part" of someone that should be reading that magazine...seriously though, isn't that sort of an oxymoron to have that there?

I did not have to turn my beloved laundry room over to the hands of my husband this past week....yikes! Because that would mean that I am gonna have something that will NOT fit next time I go to wear it....

I did NOT just complain about a wonderful husband that gladly stepped in and took care of things for me!!! Good ungrateful would that be!?!?!?

I do not think that crutches are straight from hell!!! Sorry, had to get that out of my system...

I have not seriously stuffed my face for a solid week now with food I haven't eaten in over 2 years! (I can always blame my clothes not fitting on the laundry right???)

I do not think that "Fun Size" actually means, you can eat all of these you want cause they are fun size and that means they have 0 calories!

I did not break a sample size glass bottle of perfume onto the tile as I was hobbling out the door to church yesterday.....and leave it for my poor husband to clean so I wouldn't be late! That would be shameful I'm thinkin.

We have not had to declare McDonald's completely off limits till further notice because I realized we had eaten there 3 times in one week! Ahhhh! Gross!!!

I did not hear Aidan say this to me....."Mom, where are your crunchers?" you know, referring to my crutches! This kid just might blow our "perfect homeschool" cover! :-)

I did not decide to be all "ambitious" last night (after having to trapse around all day at our church with these cockamamee crutches!!!) by trying to walk on my boot, bearing full weight on foot, without my "crunchers".......because anyone with a brain would know that if it hurt while doing it, it's gonna THROB all night and the next day!!!

I am not completely distractable for some reason lately.....wait, what was I saying?

I am not avoiding going back to my Weight Watchers meeting (after about a 5 week hiatus) like the plague!!!

I am not still sitting here, head throbbing, foot throbbing, no coffee, delaying school for the day...

This was NOT the most pitiful, whiny, excuse of a blog I have ever read!!!

Excuse me while break up the know, my pity party....

I am not dead!

I am not terminally ill!

I am not homeless!

I am not hungry!

I am not alone!

I am not without the hope of Jesus!

"And whatever I do, may it always bring glory to you"

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