Friday, October 10, 2008

It's Hockey Night....

......well, not in Nashville maybe, but it certainly is in the McManus house! I forget how much I love hockey till I hear the swoosh of the puck on the ice and those darned Canadian accents just "get me"...Aye???...on the other hand, I am reminded quickly how much I detest the sound of!!!! Each time louder than the last and finding Adam just as oblivious as ever......Adam....planet Earth needs you!!!
I'm still not over the loss of Mason......I'll get over it I guess......maybe....maybe not...I really loved that hairless man in goal!!!!

Go Preds!
Whoo Hoo! First goal of the season...

Ok, seriously.....can you say "Weight Watchers?"
And I wonder! Adam is the devil himself!

Mag and Aidan showin' some love to TooToo #22 and Erat #10...their favs!

Killed the second red wasp in two our house!!! What is happening???? Is there a colony stashed away in my walls???? Are they planning a hostile takeover!??!?!
I swatted twice.....pointless.....I just ticked him off!
Then Tyler offers up some 12 year old wisdom.....
Tyler: "Mom, why don't you just get the hornet spray in the garage?"
Me: "I can't spray that stuff in here!...It'll take the paint off the walls or the ruin the hardwoods....or.....well, something bad I'm sure!"
Tyler: "ok then....he's gonna fly upstairs and then you'll never find him"
Me: "Why do we call flying insects with stingers "he"?
Tyler: "hmmmm...I dunno"
Anyhoo, that's all I need to hear to break out the poison indoors!!! The thought of that thing in my bed! Ughhh!
Rest in peace Mr. Big Red Stingin Man!
Tyler: "Mom, what if that had been a Japanese hornet?"
Me: "We would have left this house till your daddy came home thats what!"
Me: "Tyler, your bottom looks like 2 perfect biscuits".....I'm his mom, I can say those things.
Me: "And Maggie (not to be left out), yours are like 2 little muffins"
Aidan: "What are mine like?"
Me: "Yours are like 2 little cupcakes!"
Aidan: "snickering....Mom, yours look like 2 big pancakes!"
Gosh.....I can't think of when I have loved him more...... :-/
Enjoying our last few days of Fall Break before we hit the books again on Monday....pray for us, it's not always easy to get back into the swing of things.....discipline is not my strongest attribute.
I hear Adam and the kids in our garage skating and playing hockey...rocking out to my own sons Nashville recording I might brag, ahem, I mean add....must be intermission.....Go Preds!

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