I have always referred to myself as "the least likely of homeschoolers"...maybe it is because I swore that I would never over my dead body do it. Or maybe it's because I went into it kicking and screaming. Think two year old.

Years later here I am...homeschooling. And loving it! It does no good to tell God no. I'm a slow learner. I would dare say that I have learned more on this journey than I could ever teach my children. More about patience than I would care to know. Most of all how to die to self and trust in His will for our family. While I won't go so far as to say that homeschooling is for everyone...I do sincerely believe this...anyone that wants to homeschool or feels led to homeschool their children can do it. Successfully even. I am proof.

Homeschooling is no longer what it used to be....long gone are the denim jumper days. Thank God. You will not find my hair in a bun or me out back grinding my own wheat...although I'd secretly love to know how. Nope, homeschooling has taken on a life of it's own and it is an ever growing exploding community. There is a plethora of resource and support out there. Websites, books, blogs, co-ops, and tutorials.You are not alone!

Our family attends a weekly Tutorial. It won't work for every family and isn't even necessary for every family. But it meets our needs perfectly having a teenager and having a desire to finish this journey all the way to college.

Our goal is that our kids would love the Lord with all they have. That our boys would be good husbands and fathers...that our daughter would be a good wife and mother. We know that ultimately these things alone are what will bring them happiness...everything else (calculus, career, house, etc.) is just bonus. So we are trying to focus on cultivating those things in them and not sweating everything else. It's easier said than done because it ultimately takes trust...that God will be there to fill the gaps.

At the end of the day you know your family best. God knows them even better. You know what will work and what will not. Pray and trust your instinct. Do not base your decisions on what other families are doing.

If you are considering Homeschooling I would recommend a few reads first:
  • The Charlotte Mason Companion
  • The Well Trained Mind
  • So You're Thinking About Homeschooling
  • Dumbing Us Down
 Our Curriculum for 2012-2013 school year:

Tyler Grade 11: Age 16
  • Character Building for Families Volume 1
  • Algebra 2 -Teaching Textbooks
  • American History- Abeka (Tutorial)
  • American Literature-Various Classic Literature (Tutorial)
  • Advanced Biology -Apologia (Tutorial)
Maggie Grade 7: Age 12
  • Character Building for Families Volume 1
  • Math 7 -Teaching Textbooks
  • English 7-Various Classic Literature & Rules of the Game (Tutorial)
  • Life Science- Apologia (Tutorial)
  • History -American History 1 Sonlight (Core D)
  • Spelling -Spelling Power (There is no other way to do Spelling in my opinion)
  • Drama (Tutorial)
  • Art (Tutorial)
Aidan Grade 5: Age 9
  • Character Building for Families Volume 1
  • Math 5 -Teaching Textbooks
  • Language 4 -Abeka (Aidan is a young 5th grader so we do 4th grade Language and Writing)
  • Handwriting -Abeka 4 
  • History -Sonlight (Core D)
  • Reading -Sonlight (Core D Regular Readers)
  • Vocabulary -Wordly Wise
  • Spelling -Spelling Power
  • Art and Music (Tutorial)
  • Spanish (Tutorial)
A few of our favorite Read Alouds thus far:
Robin Hood
The Golden Goblet
Mr. Popper's Penguins
Homer Price
Hittite Warrior
God King
Henry and Ribsy
Charlotte's Web
Ginger Pye
Walk the World's Rim
Sign of the Beaver
The Door in the Wall

You can always check under my categories for all my posts on or pertaining to our Homeschooling journey.

Here are a few amazing blogging/homeschooling ladies that I adore.

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