Monday, November 3, 2008

Belated Pumpkin pics....and a 50's Flashback

In honor of MckMama and her precious miracle Stellan....I too will take a hiatus from "Not Me Monday" this week. Be sure to continue to pray for her and pay her a visit and read all about God's handiwork yourself....


Loaded up in the back of the "Zamboni" headed to the Patch!

I am super late with this but the pictures were too good to not post about....better late than never is a great motto in my book!

We visited a different Pumpkin Patch this year....Honeysuckle Hills....let's just say, I wasn't impressed. Not with the $40 we paid to get a family of five in. Not with the extra $$$ we would have had to pay for our kids to enjoy certain aspects once we were in. Not with the fact that we couldn't go in a real "patch" to get our pumpkins.

Or maybe it was the fact that we went the day after my "ankle" incident (which was pure stupidity on my part but when I make a promise...) and I was in severe pain and on crutches...and a little groggy from those little white pills. I wasn't exactly happy to be anywhere.
BUT regardless of our complaints, the kids seemed to have a great time and that was all that really mattered to us. The smiles on their faces were priceless and worth all 5 acres I trekked on those blasted crutches.
They sat in on a cute "Pig Race" a few farm animals...went down ginormous "spider" slides, and Adam took them on a little hay ride....and of course, picked pumpkins!
A fabulous Fall day....


Children of the corn.... a little creepy I know but I couldn't resist.

My little guy.... I happen to adore this picture

The pumpkin Princess...

Handsome firstborn...

Adam amidst his favorite company....well, minus the crutches.

Tyler taking a hand at Steer Roping....ummm, he may want to stick to the drums

Tree Huggers...


Sunday, Monday, Happy Days....
We don't really do the "Halloween" thing....not because we are trying to be oddballs...we just don't really like the whole scary side of it all...we figure there is enough real evil in the world that we don't need to conjure up any of the pretend kind....instead we opt for the "make a fool of yourself" side of it.... :-)

And we have a blast! :-)
Adam and sweet Maggie

Tyler (black belt)..Maggie (50's girl) and Aidan (Peter from Narnia)

I feel safer already with this guy around...

Maggie and her Pixie Stix...
Mom and Mag...."the girls"

And last, but certainly not least.....Arthur Fonzarelli

"And whatever I do, may it always bring glory to you"

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