Monday, November 24, 2008

Not Me Monday..late edition

  • I did not wear the same clothes to the Orthodontist office this morning as I wore yesterday to church (on stage mind you!), thinking I was so savvy to be saving laundry and all, only to realize that I had forgotten the fact that the lady that would be scheduling my next appointment would be my dear friend Paula....who of guessed it...goes to my church.

  • I did not, when asked the order of songs for the service, in all seriousness....without even hesistating or realizing what was coming out of my mouth, say "Jesus Moofasah"....ahem, I mean any person with the normal amount of brain cells would have of course said "Jesus Messiah"...where on Earth did that come from????!!!!

  • Then, I did NOT stand on stage and think "Moofasah" every time the word Messiah was said!

  • I did not walk through Aldi and Wal-Mart tonight shopping for Thanksgiving food, (mutilated ankle throbbing and all!) throwing myself my own mental pity party that went something like this..."Why can't I have a normal family?...You know, the kind that I would just throw together a dish and show up at their house and feel loved and taken care...where everyone wears turkey sweatshirts...and somebody knows how to make chicken and dumplings....and has made a special dish "just for me"...just because it's my favorite of course...where there is no drama...only smiles of course...instead of any sort of holiday meal at all depending on me and my poor husband to make it happen?", I did not do that....

  • And I am not totally still whining to my husband about it as I put this crapload of food away! Nope I'm not the least bit bitter about it!

  • I did not take a dinner roll and dip it into the tub of butter while I was preparing dinner...nope, you did NOT see me doing that!

  • I have not obsessed about the 8 pounds I have gained back since hurting my ankle....or the fact that before that I was .4 oz away from my goal weight...or about the fact that I am seriously depressed that I can't excercise....or about the 10 more I'll probably gain over the holidays...Weight Watchers stock is so about to go up after the holidays!

  • I did not have this conversation with Aidan this week....

Me: "Aidan, why do we celebrate Thanksgiving?"

Aidan: "Because the Pilgrims came to America"

Aidan: "I know why we celebrate Christmas!"

Me: :"Why?"

Aidan: "Because it's when Jesus was born"

Me: "That's right! And why do we celebrate EASTer?"

This time Tyler chimes in to elaborate on something and obviously Aidan's wheels have had a moment to turn....

Aidan: "Well, what about WESTer?"

I'll leave you to figure this one out.... :-)

"And whatever I do, may it always bring glory to you"

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