Sunday, November 30, 2008

"A Turkey For Me...And A Turkey For You..."

"...Let's eat Turkey in a big brown shoe...." - Adam Sandler

I am happy to report that we did in fact survive Thanksgiving....I have no idea why we were so nervous but I think we both were....when you put complete strangers (opinionated ones at that!) from two sides of the family together, you can't help but pray there will be no slinging of the cranberry sauce! We were of course worried for nothing because everything was wonderful and I dare say everyone had a fabulous day...well, except for the turkey obviously.

Can my man cook a mean bird or what?!

This is totally out of focus I know (trying to learn how to manually set camera) but I wanted you to see the cute turkeys that adorned our fireplace....each had feathers that listed what they are thankful for...couldn't help but crack up at Tylers very obvious 12 year old answers...Jesus, Family, Me

And the chains of gratitude we made on top of the mantle...oh my gosh, there were some of the cutest answers ever! Aidan said he was thankful for Peter in the Bible....Maggie said she was thankful for the planets....and Tyler said he was thankful for his arms and for air....I'm thinking he may have left off the "h" meaning to say "hair"... :-)

BFF :-)

Is it a bad sign when I get the camera out and the kiddos scatter like mice? I did manage to talk (threaten) them into taking just this one....

Sisters....yes, we know...same mom, different dads.

Maggie with Ally...Aunt Ashley's doggie

Tyler twiddling the willow tree branches

Maggie playing with the neighbors dog Rufus...

I completely forgot to introduce you to the newest member of our family....the "Charger"
Compliments of Olive Garden....I must admit, it is sweet to drive...does this mean we are having a mid-life crisis???

It is so stinkin cold here in TN tonight...Adam and I have frozen our bums off hanging wreaths on on Earth did I ever live in NY, MA, and PA all those years???? ...and I think they are calling for a little snow for us...which means there is no bread or milk to be found within a 30 mile radius I'm sure.
We chucked the fake tree this year! If you want it, it's at Goodwill. Good bye Mr. Pre-Lit Tree....with your faulty lighting and non-pine smelling branches!!! Hello Mr. Post-Lit... Fresh Cut... makin my house smell fabulous, Frasier Fir!

"And whatever I do, may it always bring glory to you"

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