Friday, June 22, 2012

Camping, My Garden, and a Toilet Shaped Cake {InstaFriday}

My baby boy receiving the 14 Discovery Ranger awards he has earned this year @lifeassembly #royalrangers #ag

Aidan was recently honored for the badges he earned through the Royal Ranger program at church.
Thanks to this program he has read multiple books of the Bible and knows how to tie a bajillion different knots.
Boy is set.

My boy getting a little batting cage time in today with his dad.

He also had his first encounter with a batting cage.
Loved it.

I'm a sucker for fresh hay bales. #nofilter #amishcountry

I am such a sucker for freshly rolled hay bales.
And ginormous skies filled with big puffy clouds.

I heart gardening. From top left around: cucumber, jalapeño, watermelon, tomato, cantaloupe. #squarefootgardening #growyourownfood

I planted this garden on May 6th.
It is now a BEAST!
In fact this isn't the most up to date picture.
That watermelon up there in the top right?
It is the size of a softball now.
Fresh cucumbers in my pasta salad last night.
I am loving this gardening thing.

Holiday World was fabulous. #themepark

Holiday World was on our 2011 Summer List.
We did not get there last year.
However, we did this year.
It was amazing.
I highly recommend this park.
Anything located in a town called Santa Claus has to be fun right?

That's the beauty of Summer Lists.
Putting a goal on the radar and finding a way to make it happen.
You can find our 2012 Summer List here.

Heading to a friends surprise 50th birthday celebration. Got a hot date on my arm.

Last week we headed to a friend's 50th surprise birthday dinner.
For the life of me I could not get this picture to focus.

Yes...that's a cake.

This was the cake.
Yes, for real.
I did not eat it.
Guess what?
I have found the secret to weight loss ya'll.
Make food look like crap.
Can't you just see the infomercials for this?
Watch out P90X...the crap diet is moving in.

The real reason I go to dinner with friends. #gettinmybabyfix

This is the real reason I go to dinner with friends.
They have babies that I get to hold.
This is Miss Micah.
Yes, her head smelled amazing.


The past 4 days of my life have been spent sitting right here...with this view.
No make-up.
It is glorious.

Camping with friends.

Friends of ours happened to be there at the same time.
The kids had a blast in the lake.

Sunset last night. #nofilter  #camping

My favorite part of camping?
No filter on this photo.

"The heavens declare the glory of God;
the skies proclaim the work of his hands." Psalm 19:1

life rearranged

Hello Hue Little Things

"My every mortal breath, is Grace and nothing less"

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