Friday, June 8, 2012

My Man Rocks {you've got to see this} and My Daughter is Now Officially Almost a Teenager. {InstaFriday}

Why I love this man so. 1.Thats my 9 year old's shirt 2. It's purple. 3. He has rock fingers you just can't see. 4. He's shameless when it comes to making his kids smile. #sogladhesmine

Let's start this post off right shall we?
This is my man.
That is my nine year old son's t-shirt.
It is purple and about 5 sizes too small.
He is totally sporting rockstar fingers in this photo.
He is shameless when it comes to making his kids smile.
He is all mine ladies.

What on Earth am I supposed to do with all of this?! #watchoutneighbors

Picked this from my garden.

All 7 of the daily recommended servings of fruits and veggies right there in that one smoothie. A glass now and one for later. Best part? It's delicious. For real.  #vitamix

It ended up in here.

Kids with green mustaches. Makes me a happy mom. Matches his eyes too. ;) #vitamix

Then here.
Green mustache to match his eyes.

Crank it up. #canthelpmyself #Steveperryfan

Don't judge.
I heart Steve Perry.

Picking up @sophielain and @ashjoy1 and heading to the mall. A little "I turn 12 next week" celebration. @magpie26 #lovehavingadaughter

My girl turned 12 this week.
All she wanted to do was pick up a car full of friends...and shop.
All my fears of whether or not I have raised her right were immediately put to rest.

Cow girls. ;) #imadeafunny

We visited with cows...
And closed down Forever 21.

Love these girls. @magpie26 @sophielain @ashjoy1

We also ate fried dough and smelled like a walking perfume sample.
It was awesome.

My girl will be 12 tomorrow. This is what she wants. #musiclover

She wanted a new guitar for her birthday.
She had one already but it was old and cheap and had a little brother sized crack in it.
Callused fingertips and constant playing left us with the reality that this was no passing phase.
So we agreed to go in halvsey with her on it.
{Before you have a coronary...we did not buy the guitar in the picture.}

Move over Taylor. My girl has a new Taylor and she's not afraid to use it. @magpie26 #taylorguitars

She is now the proud owner of her very own Taylor.

Maggie was just serenaded by an opera singer in Italian. So cool. @magpie26

We ended the day in Downtown Nashville at Maggiano's.
She was serenaded by an opera singer in Italian.
So cool.
She was only slightly mortified.

She's officially 12!!! Going for a ride in the car at midnight. She's been waiting 12 years to ride in the front seat. ;) #riteofpassage #lettheshotgunwarbegin

It was a fabulous week of celebrating 12 years of Maggie, but by far my favorite memory happened the moment she officially turned 12.
Riding in the front seat is a rite of passage she has been looking forward to pestering me about for a long time.
When the clock struck midnight on her birthday, I loaded her up in the front seat and we went for a drive.
Just the two of us.
Windows down.
Singing "Baby" at the top of our lungs.
Holding hands.
Have I told you lately how much I love having a daughter?

life rearranged

"My every mortal breath, is Grace and nothing less"

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