Monday, December 22, 2008

Not Me! Monday...

I could not give you a better "gift that keeps on giving" than to tell you to check out McKMama and her Not Me Monday click here and Merry Christmas!

  • I did not wear completely non matching socks to church yesterday out of sheer laziness...that would be a bit risky if you were a person that had to stand in front of hundreds of people for a good 30 minutes out of the morning....sheesh!
  • While running out to my car early this morning to get gifts out before my husband could see them, I did NOT try to slip my foot into my 12 year olds slippers by the backdoor only to find that they actually FIT!!!! NOOOOOOO!!!!!!!
  • I did not freak my poor cyber friend out by making her think that I was questioning if the Angel of the Lord had visited her! (thats what I get for asking vague questions!) Not sure which she would have been more freaked out about....being pregnant, or the mere fact that it would have meant that I seriously thought she had a "Mary" experience!
  • I have NOT told numerous fibs to my husband, who can't take a surprise obviously, to try to keep his presents a secret...Lord forgive me!
  • I have NOT become a blubbering sap over the least little thing this past week...worship yesterday...Christmas songs...reading scripture...Christmas movies...Christmas lights...Maggie's drawing of the Nativity kids singing in Christmas program...leaf blowing across my yard...nope, I am a woman of composure!
  • I did not eat more haystacks and peanut butter fudge than I gave away.
  • I am NOT seriously about to regift for the first time in my life!!!!! You know, cause I swore I'd never be one of those people!
  • After vowing to not send Christmas cards out this year, I did not in fact do it anyway....and the only reason I went against my prior ruling was NOT just because I took the most fabulous pics of my kids and wanted to show them off.... my beautiful kids of course!
  • And I most certainly did NOT puff up with pride when someone asked "Where did you get the kids pictures made this year?"....nope, I am totally humble and it would not have flattered me in the least that they thought a pro took them!
  • While watching the Charlie Brown Christmas movie last night with my family, I did not spend the last half of the show trying to make sense of why Peppermint Patty looks like a girl, has a girl's name, but gets called "sir" by the little girl in glasses that seems to just follow her/him around.
  • This can NOT my last Not Me! Monday posting before Christmas!

"And whatever I do, may it always bring glory to you"

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