Monday, December 1, 2008

Advent, Jesus Tree, and the Rebel

Yesterday was our first day of "Advent", we were to find 25 different names for Jesus in the Bible and put the names on ornaments along with the scripture....we will place one name for each day this month on our "Jesus Tree"...and read that scripture. We had lots of fun making it....and dad loved finding the tree at Goodwill for $2!

Maggie did the honors of placing our first ornament...

Our real tree? Well, I happen to think it looks and smells fabulous! We finally had enough ornaments this year to use just our family (kid made or from places we have visited...that's our tradition) only took us 10 years!!! It's my favorite way to trim the tree....We had such a good time decorating...listening to Christmas music....drinking hot still amazes me that we have passed the stages of hanging the ornaments on the upper half of the tree....or keeping ornaments from being they are all pitching in with their own opinions of where the ornaments should hang....and they each have their favorite....Maggie's is the hideous Grinch ornament that came in a kids meal from McDonald's I believe....see it in the front? I just love how she thinks it must be the front and center focal point of our tree....

Obviously Maggie thinks our tree is fabulous too! Don't ask because I have no idea!


Here are a few pics of the trimming festivities!

I'm hoping by now that you have noticed the ridiculously improved photos on my blog today...where are they coming from you ask???? Meet my new obsession..."the Rebel"...Xsi to be exact!....well, this is actually just one of the lenses of my new obsession... :-) Adam was so good to me...splurging even more to get me a Telephoto Zoom Lens...and even letting me open it early to get "practiced up" by simply cannot put it down! I have already learned so much from my crazy talented friend McKMama, who takes quite possibly the cutest pics ever, and will continue to sponge up her tidbits as she gives them....but I have also signed up for a Photography class....eeehhh! I'm a bit nervous but super excited to learn all about this phenomenal camera! So be warned my insanely adorable children....I am watching you! :-)

Who wouldn't be excited about opening the box, putting on the lens, pointing to the closest thing to me, and coming out with this kind of detail! And look MckMama!!! NO FLASH!!! :-)

OR THIS!!! MY WORD!!! I could just pee my pants with excitement!!!

What I have not however managed to do yet, is understand one blasted iota of the software to edit my pics so all of these pics are as taken...and that's all you may get...for a while because of course I have NOT yet signed up for he computer class it may very well take!


No snow here...just a few flurries...and I did in fact find milk at the best grocery store in the world Publix....and speaking of best in the world, have I mentioned lately that Gevalia happens to brew the BEST cup of coffee your little caffeine addicted lips could taste??? This morning? Blueberry Creme! Yummers!
Tonights advent activity? Playing Monopoly as a family! I completely lose interest in this game after about 10 minutes...hmmm....hope I don't accidentally go bankrupt!

"And whatever I do, may it always bring glory to you"

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