Thursday, December 11, 2008

How on Earth?!?!?!?


Our first Christmas together as a family....Lee, Massachusetts 1998

1999....Ravena, NY

2000...along comes a sister...and a really cheesy grin!, look at Maggie's strawberry hair!..wonder where that went? ...Forty-Fort, PA
2002...along comes a brother
Don't know you have your "do" that you wish you "didn't"
2003 ...we arrive back in Tennessee...some of these were obviously photographed in their frames with my new camera cause I didn't always have a digital ya know!



2006..GO PREDS!!! Can you tell we went to Playoffs that year?!?! tell me....HOW DOES THIS HAPPEN?!?!
How do they seem to look the same across the dinner table...till you pull out a picture and see just how God is constantly growing, molding, and shaping them into His creations....not mine.
Well, don't hold your breath, but they are in fact coming....I found a location to shoot their pics this year but of course it's outdoors and of course Tennessee is making up for 5 years of rain lost this week!
Speaking of precipitation...guess what we walked through...tongues out like stretchers for the wounded... tonight???? SNOW....GLORIOUS BIG FAT HEAVY SNOW!!!
It was snowing as we walked into Kohls....and doing nada when we walked out! That's snow in TN for ya! Such a tease! I miss the snow from PA.... (reminiscing)
And speaking of not holding your breath.....If you are reading this and you are my family or are not getting a Christmas Card this year.....I made a motion to ban the 213 hours of writing them out and addressing them this morning....and the hubby seconded my motion and you weren't there to object so (pounding gavel) case closed! :-)
I am so stinkin stressed for some reason this year and truth be told, need medication to help me to focus and not be such a worry it was just an added stresser that I finally realized..."Hey, there is no rule...(other than my book of Perfectionism) that says you must send out Christmas cards or be sent straight to the fiery pits of Hell! Ahhh...I feel free"er" already!.....(taking off the chains of perfectionism and taking on His yoke)
I will however post the kids pics on this site of course!
And speaking of KOHLS....tonight while shopping, my 12 year old son had a few admirers following him all around the store giggling and running off when he would look at them....Are you kiddin me?!?!? Am I seriously about to have to put a stick on my front porch?!?!? And what did he say when asked about his swarm of giggling fans??? "I don't blame them"....what? What kinda vain little snot am I raising here anyway?... :-) He was joking by the way....or at least I will choose to believe he was since it's my blog and I can get away with denial here!
Maggie: "Are we gonna do that thing this year that we always do where we dress up like elves and hold garbage bags for families to get toys for their kids?"
Aidan: "Oh Mag, you mean Toys For Todd's?"
So if your name is are probably wishing Aidan was in charge of the rule making in this country!

The Crippled Lamb is one of my absolute favorite Christmas books...check it out!

"And whatever I do, may it always bring glory to you"

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