Saturday, May 19, 2012

Put Me in the Zoo {InstaFriday..on Saturday}

Exchanging of the rings. You are stunning @kelseyraes

Last week we attended a gorgeous wedding.

Mr. And Mrs. Quinton West!!! @kelseyraes

The sweetest vows I have ever heard.
They are on their honeymoon now.
In Bolivia.
With my boys.

Maggie and Kelsey. Kelsey is Maggie's youth pastor and we ❤ her. @magpie26 @kelseyraes

Kelsey is Maggie's middle school Youth Pastor.
We heart her.

Just walked in the door from taking my mom out to eat. Found this. #theygetme

I took my mom to a Mother's Day dinner, just she and my sister, on Saturday night.
When I got home that night my family was in bed and this was sitting on the table.
Oh the mustardy goodness oozing out of that lamp.

I think I found a home for my new lovely mustard lamp. #mothersday

I think I found the perfect spot for it.
And a new favorite place to sit.

Breakfast. Soon to be in a glass. Kale. Spinach. Ginger root. Apple. Banana. Carrot. Fresh strawberries frozen. Flax seed. Soy vanilla milk. #vitamix #greensmoothie

This has been my breakfast every single morning for the past 2 weeks.


I ordered myself a Vitamix back in April for my birthday.
Happy birthday to me!
Is it possible to be in LOVE with an appliance?
I'm talking I'd propose if I could love.

Ok so it's more of a reddish green smoothie today. It's strawberry season here ya know. #vitamix #breakfast

I'll be honest...I was a skeptic.
How could all that green stuff taste good?
I had prepared myself to just chug a lug for the sake of my health.
One sip and I was sold.
They are delicious.
You'd really never know all that healthy stuff is in there.
Even my kids enjoy them.

Before and after. So long phase 1!!

Speaking of kids...kiddo number 3 got his braces and his herbst off this week.
He will go back into braces once his 12 year molars are in.
Heck, I think they look fabulous now.

@revdrewbe pumping up the Bolivia team. #missions #thisishappening

Wednesday I put my heart on an airplane to Bolivia.

Releasing my boys into the hands of God. #missions #bolivia

I wrote about how well I handled it here.
Yes, that is sarcasm.

My boy. So handsome. So grown up. I'm one proud momma. #offhegoes

How does this happen?
I could write a whole post on the hot mess I am about my kid growing up.
Actually no I couldn't.
I've tried.

Off he goes. I'm one hot mess of emotions right now. ❤ #missions #mybaby

This picture.
Oh this picture.
It says so much.
So symbolic.
Even the blur.
Off he goes.

Zoo day with the littles.

To keep my mind busy I took the littles to the zoo.
It had been a few years.

Flamingos. I always think of three' company when I see these. Random I know.

I know it's awful but whenever I see flamingos I always hear the "Three's Company" theme song in my head.

Petting a corn snake. #notmom

My kids wanted to stop and pet this snake.
I did not.
Snake + Nothing but an elderly volunteer holding it = no thank you.
I was right.
As we were walking away it tried to bite the lady holding it.
I loathe snakes.

They love each other. Sorta. #bunnyears

Bunny ears.
I didn't even try to stop them.
They were too cute.

Snow cone time. We picked hottest day in a month to go to the zoo apparently.

Snow cone time.

I never get tired if looking at this guy. Or his newly braces free teeth.

I never get tired of looking at this kid's smile.


Lorikeet Landing.
He's a pro.


Maggie wasn't so sure.

So pretty.

I'm not a huge bird lover but Lorikeets are gorgeous.

Little too close.

A little too close for comfort.
They liked her hair.

Me and the littles. Having such a good time with them.

We had a really great day together.
I miss my men but this time alone with my youngest two is a huge blessing.
All too soon they will be off on their own adventures.
And I will have a head full of gray hair.

Just skyped with my boys in Bolivia. was so good to see them but so hard to say goodbye again. I may have to stick to Facebook messages. #missions #bolivia

This just in: Just as I was wrapping up this post, I was able to Skype with my boys!
Oh man...did I love seeing their faces.
And hearing their voices.
Tyler had just gotten out of the shower so his hair is a site.
He'll love me for this.
My face is equally disturbing.
Like those wonky mirrors in a fun house.
As much as I loved seeing them it was really painful to say goodbye.
Worse than the airport actually.
I may need to stick to just messaging each other.
I really stink at this.

life rearranged

"My every mortal breath, is Grace and nothing less"

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