Friday, May 25, 2012

What My Men Have Been Up To In Bolivia {InstaFriday}

My husband and my sixteen year old left for a mission trip to Bolivia last Wednesday.
We haven't had much communication.
We were able to Skype once but I quickly realized that it made things worse.
Getting one message on Facebook per night was best.
Having to hit "disconnect" while looking at the faces of the men I love most in the world was too much to take.

Here are some of the pictures they posted this week on Facebook.
Thought I'd share.
Thank you to those that have kept them in your prayers for me this week.
They come home tonight!!!
Whoo Hoo!!!

To read more about the radical call on my son's life and his momma's not so graceful response to it all click here.

La Paz

La Paz.
14,000 feet in elevation.
A beast.
We were most concerned about this leg of the trip.
So many people get very sick during this layover due to the lack of oxygen.
The cabin of the airplane is depressurized and your body is met with very very thin air all at once.
Adam said that most of the people on the plane did in fact feel the effects but unfortunately my Tyler was the one to actually get sick.
A flight out of the there and a Zofran later, he was feeling much better.
Poor guy...before going that is the one thing he said he was concerned about...vomiting in front of everybody.
Maybe this was God's way of breaking some pride before the trip...who knows.
Nothing says guess I don't need to worry about impressing any of you now like losing your lunch in front of your fellow travellers.


Landing in Cochabamba.
Final Destination.


While there this past week the goal was to help in the construction of a new home to be added to The Bolivian Hope Center for abandoned mothers and their children.
This is an epidemic in their culture.
Women in prison.
On the streets.
Their children along for the bumpy ride.

Adam said that I would have been so proud of our son.
That he was up early every morning and worked hard all day.
I knew one thing before he went...that he would either be miserable there or come home a man.

I have no idea what he is doing in this picture but I can't help but think that they obviously don't know him very well.
If so they would not have placed him that close to that giant hole in the ground.
The boy is super coordinated but graceful? Not so much.
He is his mother's child for sure.


They were able to travel up into the Andes Mountain range one day.
Destination 15,500 ft.
On those roads.


In the back of one of these.
So glad I didn't know till it was over.


These are houses in the mountains.
The Ketchua people live here.


Breathtaking views.
Not bad mints either. ;-)


My boy and his dad.
My heart floods with joy when I think of them experiencing this together.


Tyler and Ashten in the Andes.


More important than any physical work they could do, loving on the children of the Hope Center was the number one priority.

In my few and far between updates from Adam he sent this picture and said that this young lady named Allison had stolen his heart.
She is around our Maggie's age.


He also sent this one of a 2 year old named Sophia.
He said that they told him she doesn't "go" to anyone that comes there.
She went straight to him.
Then she cried when he left.
He said it broke his heart.
I said, "bring her home with you!"


A day of crafts with Allison and Sophia.
Beautiful girls.


It looks like it has been a wonderful trip.
I look forward to hearing all about it.
I know God has done more than take them on a geographical journey.

Holiday World!!! #homeschoolers #classtrip

Here on the home front we kept ourselves busy so that we wouldn't have too much time to think about how much we missed Adam and Tyler.
I am a trip coordinator for our Homeschool tutorial.
Wednesday I took this year's Freshman and Sophomores to Holiday World for their end of the year class trip.
Minus my Tyler of course...he was supposed to be on this trip.
We had a complete blast.
Hot sun.
Cold water.
Amazing well behaved and respectful teens.
I heart them.

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