Friday, April 13, 2012

My Baby is Sixteen (InstaFriday)

It's Friday. Must be Family Night at the McManus house.

Friday nights are "Family Night" around here.

These nights are sacred.

We take them very serious.

Mulch time. #lovemyboys

There is no such thing as Spring in Tennessee.

More like Sprummer.

We go from cold as heck...

to hot as heck.


What a cutie patootie. #tylerturns16 #dayof16

This little guy turned 16 last week.

I was going to write a post completely dedicated to this special day...but I just couldn't.

Truth is, I'm an emotional wreck these days over this whole growing up thing.

Not handling it very gracefully.

I want to write about my feelings but the words just won't come.

The emotions are just too complex I think.

Grief. Joy. Sadness. Excitement. Melancholy. Happiness. Fear. Nostalgia. Regret.

In no particular order ever.

All rolled up into one complicated ache in my heart...always.

So I've decided to just throw it into a light hearted post like InstaFriday.

::sticking head back in the sand::

Starting this day of "16" off with a blueberry muffin and a serenade. #mybabyboyis16today #timeslowdownplease

I thought I would start his "manly-sixteen" {this is what we decided it should be called for guys} off by running to Dunkin Donuts for his favorite blueberry muffin before he woke up.

I was also going to be a really cool mom and let him sleep in as late as he wanted and no school for the day.

All was going according to plan till I locked myself out of the house and had to ring the doorbell to get back in to get car keys.

I can't be certain, but I'm pretty sure based on the look on his face, that I lost any cool mom points I thought I was racking up.

Birthday cake to celebrate Tyler's 16th with his youth group. It was ginormous...and delicious. #tylerturns16

Ginormous cake to share with his Youth Group.

He had no idea.

He made us promise no sombreros or ice cream in the face at the Mexican restaurant.

We kept that promise.

But he never mentioned embarrassing him in front of 80 of his friends.

Dinner with his bestie on his "manly sixteen"  #tylerturns16 @ashjoy1

It's tradition that we let our kids pick their favorite restaurant on their birthday.

But this year brought with it a first.

We had 6 at the table instead of 5.

Meet Ashten.

Tyler's best friend/not girlfriend/more than just a friend/girl that he cares deeply for but doesn't want to ruin by dating by the world's standards.

For a year now they have been best friends.

They pray with each other.

They hold each other accountable to read scripture.

They talk about and set their own physical and emotional boundaries.

They have their own convictions.

They lead their youth group in worship together.

They put God first in their lives.

They impress me and inspire me daily.

{I was such a screw up at their age}

We love her and regardless of God's plan for their lives, we are grateful for her presence in Tyler's life right now.

Just another example of this painful shift taking place in my mommy heart these days.

Ok, changing the subject...quickly.

Introducing the beautiful @sophieko to chocolate gravy. She likes it!! #itsasouthernthing

Maggie had her best friend Sophie over this week and I decided to feed her a healthy, well-balanced dinner while she was here.

Chocolate Gravy.

It was her first time to have this glorious southern concoction.

I'm sure her parents could press child abuse charges for this.

She loved it.

Whippin' up a strawberry cake. They almost had it in the oven and I heard, "We forgot the eggs!!!" #bestfriends @magpie26 @sophielain

After we consumed copious amounts of sugar and cocoa, I gave these two a cake mix and told them to "have at it".

{She may never be allowed back here}

I came downstairs and found an impressive cake batter.

I had it inches from the oven when I heard {in only the way 12 year old girls can say}, "We forgot the eggs!"

We laughed so hard I nearly dropped the pan.

It was precious.

Making memories with my daughter and her friend.

This having a daughter/young lady thing is going to be so much fun.

Yet I still dare to hope...when I remember this.

Hovering here the past two weeks.

Needing to be reminded every. single. morning.

Sometimes life is just overwhelming.

Ya know?

It's come to this. Sitting at Sonic. Alone. Sweet Tea. Chili cheese tots. 80's station. #ranawayfromhome #momsneedtimeoutstoo

I'd love to tell you that I always handle these stressful moments in my life by getting up at 5 a.m. and bathing in scripture.

That when I feel I'm at the end of my rope I cling to only Him.

That I "consider it all joy".

Truth is sometimes I run away from my house at 11 p.m, crank the 80's station in my car, and stuff my face with a large order of chili cheese tots and a sweet tea from Sonic.

Turns out God hangs out at Sonic too.

I cry.



Sniff snot.

He listens.


Tells me He loves me in spite of the complete mess I am.

And somehow things just don't seem quite so bad anymore.

Till I look down and see the empty chili cheese tot container in my lap.

Not sure how I'm supposed to work under these conditions. #lovethisbiglug #standardsrock

This mut.

Oh how I love him.

He doesn't seem to know that he is a large breed dog.

It's comical.

Have I told you lately how absolutely fabulous Standard Poodles are and how much I love them and how I would never have another breed ever??

The jertain in the curtain. #standardsrock #drseuss

The Jertain in the Curtain. #drseuss

My big guy and my little guy...heading out this morning to Land Between the Lakes. #homeschoolelementarytrip #lca

My big guy and my little guy headed off to Land Between the Lakes this week with our Homeschool Tutorial.

They've been busy petting snakes and snapping turtles.

And sending me pictures.


The house has been eerily quiet.

They come home today.

Just in time for "Family Night."

Bring on the noise.

And the cotton candy.

life rearranged

"My every mortal breath, is Grace and nothing less"

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