Monday, July 18, 2011

Beguiled By Babies {Remembering My Love For Photography}

This weekend we attended a birthday party hosted by close friends of ours.

Lots of adults. Lots of teenagers. Lots of preteens. Lots of kids.

Lots of babies.

I quickly found myself naturally drawn to the them.

Like a doctor, who's trying to decide which field of medicine he wants to specialize in, and no matter how he tries to act interested in podiatry or phlebotomy...he always seems to find himself in the nursery with the babies.

I too am like a moth to a flame.

There is just something about the completely uninhibited nature of a baby/toddler that feels so raw and natural to me.

They don't look at the camera and pose or smile...or change what they were doing.

No false pretenses. No putting on the happy face. {not typically}

They just continue to do what they were doing before you pointed the big long black lens into their faces.

I love that about them.

Before I knew it I was stalking them {and their poor,poor parents} all around the party.


This little guy was loving him some Cheetos.


Kinda like I love Nutella.


I can relate.

{Not that I've stuck three fingers into a jar all at one time or anything.}


I give that same look sometimes when people try to keep us apart.


Remember Cade? His sweet family volunteered to be my photography guinea pigs a couple of years ago.


They have just recently become a family of five and this is their newest addition.


Sweet Sydnie.


Seriously, how cute is she?!

All of these cute as a button babies have had me thinking. {Not about having more no no.}

I think I had forgotten just how much I love capturing moments of life with my camera.

I get busy...and as fun and easy as it is to use, my iPhone makes me lazy I think.

And so I have been inspired all over again.

Here's my plan:

1. Keep my camera more accessible as I go throughout my day. Being intentional with having my bag just as I would my wallet, phone, etc.

2. Focus more on capturing the raw moments of life. Not just the perfectly composed moments.

3. Maybe plan a photo shoot or two. Overcoming those nagging fears and doubts that scream failure into my soul.

4. Keep perspective. Life and the people in it are beautiful. Not perfection.

4. Remember to never again very much I love watching life through my lens.

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