Friday, June 4, 2010

"Sittin on the Dock of the Bay"...

Otis Redding must have visited Dewey Destin's (click the link to read the history) at some point. I just know it. It is just one of the many reasons we love this place and come back year after year. (It has absolutely nothing to do with The Donut Hole no matter what you may hear.) One of the many places you can tap into the rich history of "The World's Luckiest Fishing Village". It is a little hole in the wall, succulent seafood filled shack, that sits on the bay...literally. I'm talkin water lapping under your feet. And I'm talking shack.

05 31 10_1129

This is the view as you walk up. See that cream colored building on your left? Umm, those would be the restrooms. And they are somewhat floating. No seriously, you may wanna take a Dramamine before going in there.

Notice the pier that leads to the bay. Nothing special right? Wait for it.

A bit of magic takes place when the sun goes down.

05 31 10_1097

This would be where you eat the succulent seafood. And speaking of eating...we did our fair share. I've got an extra belly roll to prove it. Again, in no way associated with The Donut Hole.

06 03 10_1076

06 03 10_1077

06 03 10_1078

We basically stepped up to the window and said "Um yes, we will have everything on your menu that has the word "crab" in it...thankyouverymuch."

The crab legs will make you wanna slap your momma. So if you bring your momma, do her a favor and keep a safe distance.

06 03 10_1079

After dinner we hung around to check out the views from the pier. And I decided to come out from behind the camera for a minute and let my 14 year old step behind it.

05 31 10_1090

05 31 10_1126

While exploring around the docks, we stumbled upon what must have been a Hermit Crab retirement community of sorts. I think we blew their cover. They are not hermits at all. They are just little con artists with exoskeletons.

05 31 10_1112

Maggie and Aidan decided to take a few back to the condo. Of course they forgot about them and so they have gone on to a better place. A place where no shell will ever be be too small.

And then...

The magic.

05 31 10_1108

05 31 10_1111

05 31 10_1116

05 31 10_1099

"Wastin' Time"...

"My every mortal breath, is Grace and nothing less"

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