Friday, June 25, 2010

Georgia on My Mind

Georgia O'Keeffe that is.

06 23 10_1464

I got this idea here and here a couple of weeks we did what most homeschoolers do...we headed to the library to dig up as much info on Mrs. Okeeffe as we possibly could.

This lady is very must read about her. The kids and I love her approach to drawing larger than life flowers and such. And her lack of concern for perfection or impressing others gives me an immense respect for her as an artist. She just wanted to put onto canvas the beauty she saw in the world around her...exactly the way she saw it.

Once we had learned a bit about the artist and her style of painting, we took to the garage for a little Art time...and a little shade. It's hot as Hades right now in Tennessee folks.

06 23 10_1452

No, that is not a closet you see in our garage (we do not keep camping chairs in our closets)'s a storm shelter. We live in Tennessee (the new Tornado Alley) remember?

1. I had the kids draw their flower with pencil...making sure that the flower came "off" the paper. I just told them that the petals should touch all four sides of their paper.

2. They traced all their pencil markings with a black Sharpie.

06 23 10_1446

3. Then they painted.

06 23 10_1459

4. I told them to think of what color they wanted the background to be and do that first so that their petals would stand out more making them easier to paint.

Some took my advice.

06 23 10_1454

Some did not.

06 23 10_1455

Others got so excited about Mrs. Okeefe's painting style that they created a piece of art that would make even Mrs. Georgia herself smile I do believe.

06 23 10_1465

It also created the need for a little help from mom or we would have been finishing this up around Christmas.

Just a warning...tweens and teenagers may or may not be quite as into this as one might hope...seems hormones zap their creative juices or something.

It's ok.

Trust me.

They still enjoy the time together.

My 14 year old even asked what we were gonna do next time.

And a quick Note to Self: Art time should be covered in a time of prayer in my house...seriously.

For some reason it brings out the crank in my kids.

After a little whining about the heat...a smidge of bickering over whose paint was whose...and a dab of "mine looks horrible mom"...we managed to learn a bit of History...appreciate a little art, and dare I say...have a little fun.

Presto...we had our very own Georgia O'Keeffe paintings!

06 23 10_1461

06 23 10_1468

06 23 10_1466

Mine is at the top. I'm afraid I may have enjoyed this more than the kids. Very relaxing.There is just something about having Crayola products around...brings out the kid in me.

On a side note:
Notice those beautiful braces on that beautiful gal up there? They did not hold my girl back for a second even! Not even that horrific Herbst! She has miraculously (even the doc was amazed) managed to have all of this placed in her mouth without skipping a beat. I'm talking NO WAX even! I gave her Motrin one time and that was it. On her first day even, she managed to learn how to eat Goldfish and Chewy cookies. She is my strong willed determined child. She is my hero.

She still cannot chew for the next 6 weeks or so but I don't think she even notices to be honest.

Thanks so much for your prayers...they were felt...even by her. And they work praise God!

"My every mortal breath, is Grace and nothing less"

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