Sunday, November 1, 2009

Fall Fun

Even though I am no where near being finished with catching up from summer (still have our Sept. trip to Destin to post) I decided I needed to interject a few happenings from the here and now too. Which means someone has been praying for me obviously because we all know that would normally eat at my brain to get things "out of order." So thank you...whoever you are. :-)

Saturday: It's Halloween and even though we don't really get into the whole "Halloween" thing, we do usually let the kids dress up to attend trunk or treat at our church....since they decided not to host one this year, we decided to let the kids go around our neighborhood....we've lived here 2 years and had never been home on Halloween night. We seriously have such a neat neighborhood and it was alive with kiddos and characters of all sorts....kinda reminded me of the neighborhood trick or treat scene on ET.

Tyler was of course too cool old to trick or treat this year....or as he says, it felt awkward last year so he knew it was his last. Maggie decided to be a cowgirl a while back while we were shopping at Goodwill one Saturday. She put the whole thing together herself and it was quite precious! She had plans of taking Bo (freakishly large Standard Poodle) as her horse...but I have no idea how to make a saddle for a dog...or any saddle for that matter! never got around to making him a saddle....And that woulda meant backing him out of the driveway in the car due to the Invisble it didn't happen.

Aidan....seriously, will there ever be a year that one of my boys is NOT a Star Wars character?!?! was Jengo Fett....I think....maybe he was a Clone Trooper...I have no idea.
**I stand corrected...while looking back at last years Trunk or Treat pics I see that he was this ONE rare time in his life something else....Edmund from Narnia.

Adam and I decided that we are gonna invite all of our friends over next Halloween for a small "get together" and let all of our kids trick or treat in our neighborhood.

Sunday: Today, Aidan and Tyler and I stayed home from church while fighting off a pesky cold(it may be Monday officially when I get this posted) and when Adam and Maggie got home we decided very impromptu like to go armed with Aleve Cold and Sinus for a drive down The Natchez Trace is a rare jewel that we have here in TN....stretching from just south of Nashville, 444 miles down to Natchez, MS. We saw parts of the original trail and imagined Meriwether Lewis walking along it. In fact did you know he died on it??? Rich in History! God's beautiful creation + History + Homeschoolers = The Perfect Day....well, that and dinner at Loveless Cafe and Motel! (Let's not mention the 5 lbs I gained just by pulling in the parking lot!...ok, that and all this blasted "Fun Size" candy I now have taunting me from within plastic pumpkins!)

Even though the foliage was beautiful I loved this one in b&w best!

**All of these were taken with my new P&S Canon that I got in FL this year....didn't feel like lugging the Rebel along. And speaking of FL I hope to make that my next post!

"And whatever I do, may it always bring glory to you"

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