Monday, November 16, 2009

Thanks, Printer Obsession, Nerds, and Purity....

This week I decided to tap into the Craft Goddess within (I just know she has to be in there somewhere) and make a Thanksgiving Banner (which as you see does not require sewing) as suggested by Edie to remind myself and my family to choose an attitude of all all times. This took getting acquainted with MS Word in a way I wasn't before...who knew you could do so many neat projects?

I am thankful for so so many husband, my 3 healthy children that I love more than my own life, my salvation and a cross that was my only hope, my home, my friends, my family, the ability to teach my children and spend so much time with them, the wonderful Godly women the Lord placed alongside of me in that journey, the calling on my life to be the lead worshipper in a crowd of the Faithful...I could go on and on and on...and it would never encompass all I have been given...and there is not one thing about myself deserving of any of it. Yet, so many times I allow an attitude of discontent...or ungratefulness slip in and eclipse all of that. I pray that I would become increasingly aware of my blessings...and more in tune with those attitudes in order to weed them out as they try to creep in. Any maybe just maybe, having it written boldly before my eyes will help.
**Wonder if writing out "DO NOT EAT THAT CHOCOLATE" would work? :-)
What are you thankful for?
(See the little baby seat from Pottery Barn Kids attached to our table...Maggie loves to play with her babies and pretend to be momma... and this has been so much fun for her to bring "Lissie" to the table to eat with us)

Of course once I had discovered my new found printer savvy "skills", there was no stopping me! This is a picture frame I bought on clearance 2 years ago at has been hanging on my wall the entire time with a white piece of paper in the middle that read "5X5 Photo"...sad I know...I gave it a makeover with a nice Monogram...fresh from the printer. Why on Earth had I not thought of this before?!?!
And I would even dare say that I have become a tad dangerous with Word...because just 3 days later, I decided the Monogram was old hat and printed out scripture to replace it.

Either I do not know how to take straight pictures or I need to go right now and straighten this!

Who knows what I'll replace it with next....I did read this quote today and since this hangs in my kitchen I was very tempted..."Never Eat More Than You Can Lift" -Miss Piggy

Whose nerdy kids are these anyway?!?!?!
I felt sorry for these 3 and decided to give them a ride to their destination this morning...they said they were headed to "Nerd Day" at LCA....maybe it was my "I Brake For Nerds" bumper sticker?!?

I had the privilege this weekend of taking a few pictures for friends as they celebrated their daughters decision and pledge to remain Pure until marriage. Let me tell you does not get much better. It was a beautiful ceremony full of love, encouragement, honesty, and a commitment to follow the path God has chosen for each of us. I cannot tell you the emotion I experienced...and I could not help but think of what I (and so many others) may have been spared had I had someone teaching me this path...and committing to helping me achieve that goal. But my thoughts quickly turned to my own boys and my girl...but especially my girl. Things will be different for her...that's all I could think. They will be different.
One of the sweetest moments...
Her dad placing her Purity ring on her ring remain until her husband replaces it with a wedding ring. *tear*
This was a Father/Daughter dance that turned full family.

I pray Autumn always knows how special she is...the value of her worth...and that she is every bit the Princess in Gods eyes that she felt like right in this moment.

"And whatever I do, may it always bring glory to you"

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