Thursday, September 11, 2008

To perm or not to perm???.....I now know the answer!!! there really anything worse than thinking you hated your hair only to "fix" it another way and then realize that you now REALLY hate your hair!?!? And by "fix" I mean royally mess up!!! So I was told this summer about a new perm that was not supposed to be like the old know the kind.....if you missed getting one in the 80's, I'm sure you didn't come through the 90's unscathed!

Anyhoo, I have let my hair grow ALL summer long just to do this "beach perm" all the while having this beautiful image of the outcome in my mind......big mistake! The outcome??.....think "Annie" meets "Barbara Streisand".....yeah, it's that bad! And to make matters worse, I totally see myself in my senior pictures when I pass a mirror! Who in their right mind would want to make themselves resemble the 90's???? Oh well, nothing I can do now but see if I can learn to like it right? Except maybe wear leg warmers, carry around a Trapper Keeper, and start listening to New Kids on the Block again..... Maybe I will get the nerve to post a nice photo of the new fro..I mean "do".....and then again, maybe not!

In other big news in our house, Adam and I attended our first class at the karate studio the kids attend. This would probably be a good time to shamelessly plug the fact that all three of my kiddos will be graduating tomorrow night from White belts to Gold! Yay!!! I am super proud of all three of them and I am absolutely loving the way they are setting goals for themselves and striving to attain them. Aren't they cute??? Ok, back to blood sweat and tears.....I was so stinkin nervous to attend my "Exec-u-fit" class (cardio kickboxing mixed with karate) and I think Adam was a wee bit nervous about his karate class as well......but of course he wouldn't have said if he was. :-) Tyler loved being on the same mat with his dad and being a belt above him.....tee hee hee....can't you just hear him snickering about kicking his dads rear????

How was the class you ask??? I seriously thought I was having a heart attack!!! And I had a side stitch and a cramp in my backside! Pathetic, I agree! Then as I am leaving my class, I stopped to ask my sensei how many calories on average that class would burn.....he laughed and proceeded to tell me that a "typical" class would burn tons....then he says, "I was just messin around with you guys tonight since you are new"...WHAT???? I hope they have a difibrilator on the premises!!!! All in all I walked away feeling pretty proud....I made it the whole 90 minutes and didn't miss a beat (did you pick up on the fact that although about to kill over on the floor, I kept going? Is that endurance or ignorance???) it just kinda felt good to put on boxing gloves and hit stuff! :-) And I felt better when Adam said he thought he was having a coronary next door in his class too .... is it as pathetic as it sounds that I was glad that he was having a heart attack too just so I don't feel alone in my non fit state of being?
Off to bed....field trip in the morning!

"And whatever I do, may it always bring glory to you"

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