Saturday, September 20, 2008

A fabulously fun weekend!

Friday.....we woke up to the day of six.....six fingers when asked how old, six candles on the cake, six years of Aidans life, six presents to commemerate each....(yes I know....we go overboard)
First he was greeted by a Star Wars missile gun thingy on the back of the toilet....then he walked thru the garage right past the new football on the mower (we eventually had to point that one out to him after the third time of walking by it), he went to the cabinet to get his Monopoly game out and what to his wondering eyes appeared???? A Star Wars Monopoly in the place of his old....then after the dinner of his choice (with no arm twisting by mom I promise) at PF Changs (I totally think I ate 6 banana spring rolls in his honor) , we gave him his big present of a new Nintendo DS....Mag and Tyler got him a game to go with it. All in all a fun fun day totally catered to Aidan....whoo hoo six!

The gang and Chang

photography by Mag...she'll throw in cutting off of head free of charge!

my little "noodles"


Saturday.... PARTY DAY!!! We had a hoot at Kids Party Jumps with all of our friends and all of Aidans little "peeps!" We bounced our buns off!!! Some of us more graceful than others! The kids had their faces painted by a super nice lady we booked.....Aidan of course being the super neurotic kid that he is, was washing his off within 10 minutes..I was surprised to see it last that long...he cannot keep his hands away from his eyes so it was killing him....then we ate pizza, and King Fu Panda cake.....(yes, I was still eating "in honor")

And see if you can recognize one "not so little" kid in one of the pics...... :-)

The 10 minute Spiderman

Seriously....are there really any words???

"And whatever I do, may it always bring glory to you"

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