Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Paper or Plastic???

So I have been on here now for over an hour.....the intention? To post about our Field Trip today.....what happened? I have been distracted reading this amazing blog.. ....I am so gonna steal some of this ladies ideas....I could just read and read all night!

Anyhoo, back to the field, after our regular schoolwork, we drove down to Nashville to visit the Recycle Center of Davidson County....I know I know, sounds super boring! I thought so fact I almost talked myself out of going a few times but I am really glad that I didn't. It was very educational and the kids had a blast playing a game of "try to figure out what this used to be".....and it reminded me of how we used to be so faithful to recycle when we lived in PA....where did our loyalty to "green" come from? Obviously it just came from the fact that a truck came around and picked it up curbside for us because once we moved here to TN, we have not recycled one iota (is that really a word??? I'm thinking probably not) of anything!

So it got me to thinking of just how many water bottles we go through in a least 24 and usually more.....we get the Sunday paper and just toss it! When did we get so lazy???

So my friend was telling me that there is a recycle pick up in our city, it just costs $11 a month....I'm thinking, I'm in! Now, I can throw it out curbside again and not feel guilty about trashing the Earth! Wrong! I go to the website and it says "no longer taking new customers"....WHAT??? So what do I do now with all of this "green" guilt I have????? And lets not even mention the "speech" I gave my kids on the way home about "doing our small part"....Are you telling me that I will now have to collect all this crap and then make a trip to somewhere ( I don't even know yet where) to dump it just to save face with my kids????? Yep! That is exactly what I am gonna have to do! Because my kids seriously have elephant DNA mixed in there somewhere....they don't forget ANYTHING you tell them! Plus how can I deprive my sweet Aidan of the joy of seeing that his empty yogurt cups can someday become his toothbrush??? (That just tickled the snot out of that kid!) He and Mag really got into it today....Aidan, who is not usually very prone to approach and talk to other adults, was all over the recycle lady asking her about the things he was finding on his list....he was fascinated!

And Maggie was fact I could barely get her to be still long enough to snap a picture of her! Notice the silver purse to the right of her??? Can you guess what that is made of? You guessed it, soda can tabs!

I wasn't able to get a shot of Tyler on the hunt mostly because he was feeling quite puny during the whole trip....I am almost certain he has had a migraine type headache all day....pray for him if you think to....he was still hurting as we went to bed tonight!
But I was able to catch (ok, force) a shot of the three of them standing in front of some neat, well, recylced stuff.....oh, and check out Tyler's clip old computer board! To wrap up the tour, the lady told the kids to look at their pencils they had been using....they were made of recycled newspaper! It was very neat to see the colorful print of ink where it had been sharpened!

Had church tonight.....ate way too much Papa Johns pizza....and those darn oatmeal cookies are evil I tell you! The kids had a blast as usual and learned a new memory verse.....
This was Aidans version as he practiced it today...."Malachi 3:10....Bring in the whole tithe to the schoolhouse....Pahhhh! That kid is a nut! Of course the correct word was storehouse.....and of course he was dead serious so I almost busted holding back my laughter!
Read some of our Missionary book for bedtime.....I am sitting at the foot of Aidans bed as I type this looking around at my 3 little angels sleeping....don't ask why they are all piled into Aidans room....the smallest of all does make my heart swell to see them gravitate towards each other still in this big house.
"Thank you Lord for giving them the gift of each other!"
Oh yeah, we did do one more thing today.....we went and bought Aidan his birthday presents for his 6th birthday on everything he had said he would want.....down to the last little detail....only to have him come home tonight and tell us he had changed his mind! Note to self: Enforce some type of Statute of Limitations on birthday requests...
Time to go sort stuff....plastic, paper.....

"And whatever I do, may it always bring glory to you"

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