Sunday, September 28, 2008

Not Me! Monday

I most certainly did NOT go camping on a Monday and come back wearing the same shirt Friday! That would be gross and I would simply never let myself go like that! (although if by chance I did ever decide to do such a thing, I would feel totally better about it after seeing a shirt in a camping store this weekend that read "Same shirt, Different Day"....but of course I read it and thought "eewww...who would do such a thing?" :-)

Nor did I take a bike ride while the kids were fishing with dad and NOT wear my helmet because I didn't want to mess up my hair.....that would make me a big fat hypocrite! ( I did shower....I just DID NOT keep putting the same shirt back on to keep the laundry to a minimum)

I did not wake up freezing every night in the RV and tell myself that somehow devouring an entire Hershey bar would warm me up.....

I didn't forget that we couldn't put our toilet paper in the RV toilet (it wasn't the biodegradable kind) only to have to fish it out with a plastic fork....serioulsy that is disgusting!

When I got home from camping, I DID NOT throw everything I would need for Gatlinburg into laundry baskets because I was too lazy to put it in suitcases.

I did not sit in a line at Starbucks for 5 whole minutes ,just staring & waiting for someone to take my order, only to realize that I was simply parked in front of one of their advertisement signs....the "place your order" thingy was about 15 feet up.....I am convinced they were laughing at me!

I did not manage to eat an entire bag of trail mix in 2 days all by myself...

I did not drink way too much coffee for breakfast, get on a one way, one lane, site seeing Parkway, and have to pee behind a historical cabin....

It most certainly was NOT me that put my folded up "wet" paper in my jean pocket because I felt way too guilty about throwing tissue under the historical little cabin in the woods (like other excessive coffee drinkers obviously had) ...I am seriously starting to wonder what type of person would actually do this....

I did not gun my car at the red light coming home because the lane was about to end and the little lady next to me just "looked" like she would go too slow for me....I mean really, what kind of discriminating person would do that???

And I know for sure.....without a doubt.....that it simply could NOT have been me that stepped on the scale this morning to see a 5 pound gain in one week!!!!

"And whatever I do, may it always bring glory to you"

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