Tuesday, April 10, 2012

That Time I Lied to My Kids For Months {Disney 2012}

First, a little housekeeping...

::clearing the cobwebs::

Ok, now I can tell you about our trip to Disney...you know, the one we took nearly a month ago.

Yeah, sometimes life just gets overwhelming.

And I have to take a break from this little cyber corner of my world and tend to the real life people in my real life world.

It's just where I am in life right now.


Trying to be all there.

I may never get this right I'm afraid.


I told my kids that we were going to be spending Spring Break on a business trip with dad in Florida.

Swimming in the pool by day, out to dinner with dad by night.

Maybe hit an educational spot or two if we could.

After all we are homeschoolers.

But....I lied.

I figured I had one last chance to truly surprise my kiddos with a trip to Disney before one of them or all of them were grown.

Nothing but lies for almost a solid year.

Please pray for my soul.

And that my kids will be able to afford the therapy they are going to need for having me as a mother.

SURPRISE!!!! We're not going on a business trip with dad...WE'RE GOING TO DISNEY!!!!!!! #disney #cluelesskids

We drove halfway and stopped for the night.

The next morning, I handed them these.

It took a few minutes for them to figure it all out.

I wouldn't take a million bucks for the expressions I saw on their faces when it finally clicked that we were going to Disney...in like 5 hours!

To say they were excited would be the understatement of the year.

Maggie said, "I just screamed!...in a hotel!"

A huge shout out to Pixie Crafts Boutique for the fabulous shirts.

Even Buzz Lightyear was bummed that we didn't bring one for him.

Almost there!!! #disney

We hit the road and we were Disney bound.

Our first stop is always Magic Kingdom.



My little lefty journaling about his first day at Disney. In a really snazzy Murphy bed at that.

Aidan and Maggie journaled every night about how much fun they had.

Love my little leftie.

The big kids. #disney

Not sure who had more fun...the littles...or the big kids.

Thunder Mountain Railroad was closed for refurbishment.

This sent me spiraling into a 3 day depression.

Finally I had a moment of silence, grieved my loss, and moved on.

Our favorite restaurant in Magic Kingdom. #disney #2012


Our favorite restaurant in Magic Kingdom hands down.

That's cocoa powder. #disney

That's cocoa powder art folks.

#disney #epcot #2012


So funny...this used to be our least favorite park only because when the kids were smaller they got bored here.


This time we spent the entire day there and could have spent a second I think.

They actually enjoyed all of the movies about the different countries this time.

I guess you could say that they are now old enough now to appreciate this park.

Oui oui. This girl and her dad have plans to visit France together one day. This will do for now. ;)

Had to get a picture of Mag and Adam in front of The Eiffel Tower.

These two have their bucket lists all marked up with plans to go there one day.

I sure hope they do.

We decided to go to France for dinner. ;-) #disney #epcot

Waiting for dinner outside of Chef De France.

Best filet mignon ever.

Oui Oui.

Chef De France was Tres Bien. #disney #epcot #highschoolfrenchcomingbacktome

Two words.



I <3 Goofy. #disney

Breakfast with Goofy at Cape May Cafe.

It's tradition.

Minnie kisses. It's tradition. #disney

So is this.

Kindred spirits. #disney #donaldduck

Donald has always been Aidan's favorite.

Not that he's just like him or anything.

No...not at all.


My boys have waited all week for this. #disney #starwars

MGM...er, Hollywood Studios.

Why must we change the names of the parks people?

I need consistency. 

My gang was stoked about Star Tours being opened this time. {It was closed in 2010}

I soon found out this was a big no-no for me.

I had to add this to my ever growing list of things I can no longer do because my body is just weird now that I'm old.

Swings at the park? nope.

Virtual 3-D rides? nope.

Oh the sickness that ensued this not all that entertaining if you ask me ride.

This boy lurves him some Star Wars.

My boy on the other hand loves....and I mean lurves...him some Star Wars.

Thank you Mr. Lucas for understanding the male brain.

Toy soldier. #disney

"There aren't anymore! That's the whole barrel!" -Rex

Every child is an artist. The problem is how to remain an artist once we grow up. -Picasso

The magic of animation.

My teenager drawing Goofy. #disney #lovethathesnottoocool
A must do in this park.

One of our favorite things to do.

Even the teenager loves it.

McManus party of five at the tree o' life.

Animal Kingdom.

::Cue Elton::

"It's the circle of liiiiife...."

Giraffes are so darn cute. #disney

Expedition Safari is my daughter's favorite thing here.

So of course she wants to go over and over...and over.

Honestly it frightens me a bit.

I know Disney has a way of magically hiding and disguising things and all, but I'd sure like a little more  of a visual on how they are controlling these safari animals.

Like a chain link fence...

or shackles...

or shock collars...

I don't know...just something.

We had to wait for these reticulated giraffes to cross our path before we could proceed.

On safari. Only after taking this did I realize the rhino could cross the road. No electric fencing. Probably good thing I didn't know while sitting next to him.

And don't even get me started on this rhino.

I'm telling you, it was about to charge.

Ok, maybe not, but let me point out that this picture was taken with my iphone {cause I am now officially the laziest photographer in all the land}with no zoom.

He was that close.

And he walked right behind our truck, across the road we had just driven on, like he was just free to roam as he pleased.

That's a little too close for comfort Walt.

Oh Everest. No matter the motion sickness you inflict on me, I can't seem to quit you. #disney #everest

I prefer to get my adrenaline rush in less horn gouging ways....like this.

Oh Everest how I love thee.

But dang if this didn't make me sick again.

I was really hoping that the only reason I got sick the last time {2010} was because I rode early morning and I had not eaten.


This getting old thing really is a killjoy.

Stock tip for the day: Spanx. It's about to go sky high! #thatstwoginormouscookiesandicecream

My favorite part of Animal Kingdom?

These bad boys.

They were still warm people.

Think melting my ice cream warm.

Great...now I'm hungry and it's 2:30am.


An evening spent relaxing by the pool...watching these two fish swim around.

Always nice after running day and night.

Disney is awesome...but dang if it doesn't wear you out.

Off to Ohana's with my man and my @allorahandmade :-) #disney #lastnight

All good things must come to an end.

But if they must end, we are going out in style...O'hana style


::cue the steel drums and cheesy Hawaiian lady leading a line of maraca shaking children::

Think 3 foot long skewers of shrimp, chicken, and beef.

Think pineapple bread.

Think all. you. can. eat.

Aloha! @oopajm1 #disney

Think limbo lines and leis.

Any restaurant that brings a plate of hot steamy towels for the mess on your hands is a friend of mine. #ohana #disney

Think plates of steaming hot towels for the glorious mess your hands are about to partake of.

Pineapple coconut bread pudding with banana cream rum sauce. #disney #ohana

Think Pineapple Bread Pudding with Banana's Foster cream sauce.

Think new jiggle in your thighs.

Till next time Magic Kingdom. We've had a blast! #disney  #2012 #makingmemories

This was our third trip to Disney.

The first time they were 10, 6, and 4.

Our days were filled with stroller pushing and parking and mile long lines for character greetings.

This time they were less than a month shy of 16, 11, and 9.

No strollers.

No temper tantrums or meltdowns while waiting our turn to ride.

Long gone are the days of standing in mile long lines for Princess autographs.

It was amazing/fun/sad/heartbreaking to see how, as they grow, their interests change and we experience Disney in a whole new way each time.

Actually I experienced about 530 different emotions this time.

They aren't little anymore.

They are growing up.

This makes my heart hurt if I think about it too long.

So I won't.

One day they will be grown and gone and I will be left with these precious memories.

And my iphone snapshots.

"My every mortal breath, is Grace and nothing less"

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