Friday, April 27, 2012

My Daughter Is A Drama Queen and I'm Another Year Older. {InstaFriday}

Knockout roses. Best purchase ever. #nogreenthumbrequired

When I look out my back door I see these.

I'm tempted to sing, "painting the roses red" every time.

Painting. #rainwashed #sherwinwilliams

Speaking of painting, my daughter has been begging harassing me to paint her room for almost 2 years now.

I my mom did the hard part finally did it.

It is gorgeous.

Post to come.

Found this today in town. #invisiblechildren

Found this while driving down Main Street this week.

Canvas the Night by Invisible Children.

Couldn't help but think it was neat to see a movement like this so close to home.

Scrabble. Coffee. Chocolate and butterscotch chips. {I was desperate} The word "fatten" on the board. #irony #datenightathome




My man.

Chocolate and butterscotch chips {cause I was desperate}.

The word "fatten" on the board.

Oh the irony.

Date night at home.

Yes...I'm a daddy's girl. #shameless

I turned 36 yesterday.

Just when I was starting to feel sorry for myself, because I'm fast approaching an age that I used to consider ancient, I get this text from my daddy. {yes, daddy}

Suddenly I'm 8 years old again with snaggle teeth and stringy hair.



My family...they get me. #illbethereforyou #36isthenew25

Found this sitting at my coffee maker.

My family...::sigh::...they get me.

So do my friends apparently. Thank you Jenny!!! #panera #starbucks #sonic #cottoncandy #chocolate

So do my friends.

Chocolate and gift cards. {Sonic, Panera, and Starbucks}

My love language.

My beautiful daughter. Lead role in her Drama performance tonight. #proudmom

Maggie takes a Drama class through our Homeschool tutorial.

This is her third year performing.

Every year she gets better and better and her interest level peaks.

This year...she landed the lead role.

{Good gravy she is gorgeous}

My girl on stage doing her thing. She's such a natural. #drama #homeschool

Last night I was floored by her performance.

I think we all were.

You know that thing we parents do where we think our kids are really great at whatever they are attempting regardless of whether they totally bomb or not?

We are prepared to whoop and holler and clap, like they are Olympic gold winners and we are their biggest fan ever, no matter how insane we look?

Yeah...I was totally prepared to do that.

But within just a few minutes I tapped my sister on the shoulder and said, "She really is good!"

She was like, "I know!"

Then I whooped and hollered.

The cast of "Under One Roof". #drama

Our drama queen. ;)

Halfway through I was wiping tears as I realized I was witnessing my daughter doing what she loves to do.

And doing it really well.

She told us on the way home that this is what she wants to do her whole life.

I told her the sky is the limit...go for it.

Watching my girl step into her God given birthday present ever.

life rearranged

"My every mortal breath, is Grace and nothing less"

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