Friday, October 28, 2011

InstaFriday {Weight Watchers is Gonna Revoke My Lifetime Status}

I've been confined to my couch with a stomach virus this entire week so no picture taking for me...


Unless you count this picture I took of my blanket.
My grandma made it and I was admiring it this morning.
I love the color and "vintagey" feel it adds to my living room.
And it makes me think of it's a win win.

Since I have no pictures from this week, I'll go back and share last week's events.


This beautiful gal of mine completed Phase I of her Orthodontia plan.
And the dreaded Herbst is gone!
She will have to go back into braces for just a bit longer, once her 12 year molars come in, but the hard part is over for sure.
The results are astonishing.


Tyler and I met up with his World History II class to take in the Egyptian exhibit at The Frist.
To be so talented musically, this kid loathes any art of the drawing/painting/creating sort.

This was his sarcastic {notice the evil grin} attempt to tap into his inner Picasso...said it was abstract.


I think we hit Rita's twice last week.

I can't remember.

I received an email that they will be closing soon for the winter and became a bit it's all a blur now.


Adam and I took the youngest two to Honeysuckle Farms thanks to Groupon.
It's the only way I would go again.
Last year we paid $50 to get a free pumpkin that would have cost $3 in Kroger.
As nice as it is, I was just as annoyed this year with their "extra" cost for things once you have paid admission.

Note to pumpkin farms: If you want a family of five to visit more often, don't charge us a ridiculous amount of money just to enter, and then nickel and dime us for every little thing the kids are gonna want to do once inside.



We had a good time but it was a strange trip for me emotionally. My oldest had no interest in going so we didn't make him.

I pick my battles. Ok, so the Groupon was for 4 people and I wasn't too bummed when he didn't want to go. There, I said it.

Still it was strange to be there without him. And I noticed that my middle was probably on her last year of enjoying it as well. Just made me sad as a mom. The family dynamics are shifting and I'm just not sure how to process this new phase of life I'm headed towards.

That's a whole 'nother post though really.


I love to find my kids engrossed in a good book.
Makes my heart happy.


Love to find my freakishly large poodle making himself at home on my chair too.

Yes, that's his chin resting on the ottoman.

Oh this dog...he has no idea that he is big.

Cracks us up.


Last weekend was our last camping trip of the season.
It was cold but gorgeous.
I took this photo while on a run/walk {trying really hard to be good to my knee} one evening.


I also jammed out to this. Oh how I miss these gals. They made Country music almost bearable.


Since it was so cold, I sat by the fire all day and drank copious amounts of coffee...thanks to this stuff.

Sinful. Don't do it.


Speaking of don't do it, I am convinced these are some sort of gateway drug for food addicts.

You start out with a handful and before you know it you've eaten the whole bag...


and an entire slice of this Pumpkin Cheesecake from Olive Garden.


And you think, "Well, I've already sunk so low, I may as well eat these Zepolis as well. What can it hurt?"

It's a slippery slope people.

Please go check out the hostess of'll just love her.

life rearranged

"My every mortal breath, is Grace and nothing less"

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