Wednesday, August 3, 2011

2011-2012 Curriculum

It's that time again.

Year 6 of our Homeschool journey.

No big changes to our curriculum this year. Just my choice for Bible. Maybe it is just me but I can not seem to find a Bible "curriculum" that I even remotely like. Yet every year I feel this weird pressure to pay money for one, one only to ditch it by Christmas. Am I the only dummy doing this? Please don't answer that.

After much prayer I decided to go with my gut this time. I'm digging into God's word and counting it as "Bible"...imagine that!

We will also use these wonderful resources:

  • Character Building for Families Volume 1

  • Simply Charlotte Mason Scripture Memory System

  • Seeds Verse Checklist

  • Jesus Calling for Kids

    For Character building I also highly recommend this:

  • Complete Character Training Package

    Shirley Solis is a dear lady/mentor that I have come to know and love through our local Homeschool Expo. She and her family own an amazing bookstore. This is not a curriculum for your children but instead it is a "how to" for moms. So many of us did not have proper character training ourselves growing up and therefore we struggle with instilling it in our children. I had the privilege of previewing this package and I can not recommend it enough to you. I took gobs of notes while listening to her. Life changing content for me. Plus, I've met her kiddos and the proof is in the pudding people.

    In this, she speaks of ministering to the hearts of our children in the midst of disciplining them and building their character. This was a defining moment for me as a mother. The Lord convicted me so deeply. This was an area I was failing my children in. So many times I have been quick to discipline or correct them without allowing the Lord to show me how to best minister to their hearts in that moment as well. Again, I can not recommend this enough to you as a mom.


    Everything else seemed to work well last year so, you know...if it ain't broke right?

    **For those that may be visiting here for the first time, we are blessed beyond measure to be part of an "18 years and still going strong" Homeschool Tutorial. LCA offers college prep courses and meets once a week leaving us at home the remaining four days. Best of both worlds.
    As of right now our 15 year old is the only one in the actual Tutorial classes. Our younger children attend the Elementary program they offer which is considered "enrichment".**


    The Sophomore {Tyler}

  • Geometry -Teaching Textbooks
  • World History II -Abeka (Taken at Tutorial)
  • Spanish II -Rosetta Stone
  • English 10 - An all encompassing Literature based class using great pieces of Literature combined with MLA format writing. (Taken at Tutorial)
  • Biology with Labs -Apologia (Taken at Tutorial)
  • Typing - Typing Master (First time using)


    The 6th Grader {Maggie}

  • Math 6 -Teaching Textbooks
  • Language 6 -Abeka
  • Handwriting -Abeka and Copywork
  • Science -Sonlight (Core D) After 3 years of World History we are pumped about getting into American History this year.
  • History -Sonlight (Core D)
  • Reading -Sonlight (Core D Advanced Readers)
  • Vocabulary -Wordly Wise
  • Spelling -Spelling Power {Love}
  • Drama (Tutorial)
  • Writing- IEW/Excellence in Writing (Taken at Tutorial)
  • Keyboarding for Children -Gamma Keys (First time using)


    The 3rd/4th Grader {Aidan}

    Aidan has a late birthday so if he were in public school he would only be in 3rd grade. Since we homeschool, and since he is the youngest of three, he was begging to do "school" long before it was time. I have always just followed his lead. So he does most of his subjects on a 4th grade level and a couple of them he does on a 3rd grade level.

  • Math 4 -Teaching Textbooks
  • Language 3 -Abeka
  • Handwriting -Abeka 3 and Copywork
  • Science -Sonlight (Core D)
  • History -Sonlight (Core D)
  • Reading -Sonlight (Core D Regular Readers)
  • Vocabulary -Wordly Wise
  • Spelling -Spelling Power
  • Art and Music -(Tutorial)
  • Keyboarding for Kids -Gamma Keys

    Be sure to check out all of the great Curriculum posts linked up over at Heart of the Matter this week.

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