Sunday, May 15, 2011

Monday's Mindless Ramblings ...on Tuesday

Yes, I realize it's no longer Monday...a little migraine ruined my plans to get this out yesterday but I was not tossing it so here you have it...

Monday's Mindless Ramblings...on Tuesday.

A couple of days ago I took this picture while at a red light.





All three at once.

Severe storm warnings everywhere.

Now today it is 57 degrees and I am wrapped up in flannel pajamas and thick fuzzy socks.

Tennessee is officially the strangest weather capitol of the world.


Somehow I lost a whole post on my blog.

I am so bummed and trying not to have blog bitterness.

It was about cicadas.

We have a few around here.

When I say a few I mean like a few thousand.

Anyhoo it posted and I even posted it on Facebook.

Then poof...gone.

It was more of a Homeschool focused post and it included this video.

I will warn you...there is mating involved.

Seems that's the whole purpose of their little invasion.

I wasn't prepared when I watched it.

I had a certain 8 year old commentating over my shoulder.

"What's he doing to her?!"

"He's on top of her!"

He's MAULING her!!"

I panicked..couldn't even hit the pause button.

He walked away and my husband and I almost peed our pants laughing.

Ok, now that I've shared that I think I can move on now.


We recently made the decision to dump our hefty cable bill and get Netflix.

I thought this was a wise decision.

That was until I found 249 episodes of "The Andy Griffith Show.

I may need a Netflix intervention soon.


We are finished with our Homeschool tutorial for the school year.

We are just wrapping up Math now.

Actually I'm considering if I want to rush and finish or stretch the remaining 20 lessons we have out over the summer.

Teaching 3 different grade levels in this subject is a challenge.

Especially since Algebra was one of them this year.

So we get behind.


My 8 year old can do this so I'm going to consider this year an accomplishment regardless.


I had to renew my license last month when I turned 35.

I kept getting odd looks and double takes when asked to show my I.D.


I now know why.

Apparently having two toddlers back then not only zapped my energy but also any sense of fashion or style that I had.

I'm just surprised I never ended up on one of those ambush makeover shows.


Starbucks happy hour Frappuccinos have just about ruined me.


This little jewel {mocha coconut} was just too hard to say no to with it's slashed in half price tag.

So I said yes.

Four days in a row.

Thank God it is over.


Tomorrow I will venture to Cincinnati with a group 36 people.

29 of those will be teenagers.

Seems I volunteered to be in charge of the class trip at LCA {homeschool tutorial} this year.

This was not one of my sane days obviously.

In all seriousness these are some of the best students I've ever had the privilege of being around so I know it is going to be an absolute blast.

We will be hitting the Cincinnati Zoo, King's Island, and The National Underground Freedom Museum.

And the indoor pool every single night to wear them down.

If I'm not back in a week...send someone looking for me k?


Speaking of LCA...the class of 2011 graduated this week.

One of the most precious moments I have ever witnessed.


Rachel and Emily are two of my sons best friends and he is already hating the thought of another school year without them.


My sister built these for her apartment in Nashville to hold her bikes.

They are in her kitchen and double as bookshelves.

I found these to be extremely neat.


So did The Nester on Instagram.

I squealed.

I am immature that way.

It is why I cannot attend Blissdom. Ever.

"My every mortal breath, is Grace and nothing less"

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