Saturday, September 4, 2010

Paint is a Pain

I need help.

This kitchen is becoming a thorn in my side.

It haunts me.

Since painting our cabinets white I have not been able to decide on a wall color.

The reason?

My countertops.

They are weird.

A greenish/grayish color.

There are tiny specks of gold in them.

Yellow/Gold kitchen.

Been there.

Done that.

Which explains the "Bon Appetit" towel on my oven.

It has somehow managed to escape the Goodwill pile all this time.

Besides, they say yellow increases your appetite.

That is the last thing I need people.

I'm basically trying to decide between the color "Crabapple" (RL) that you see in my living room (and also on the rest of the kitchen...the wall you see is a chocolate accent wall)

And a gray/blue/green color like "Comfort Gray" that I have on the swatch above doorway.

I love the Crabapple. It is to me what Tobacco Road is to The Nester. It's one of those colors that changes all day long. Sometimes it's a mute brownish color. Sometimes I see a greenish tone in it. Other times I see some red in it. Definitely a warm color. I know it would match my backsplash almost to a tee but I wonder if that is boring?

See my turquoise tea kettle? It looks nice against the Crabapple. So of course I have visions of accenting with bright fun splashes of color if I use the Crabapple. But see that orange tea kettle there? (Don't ask why I have two...I may need a tea kettle intervention)

It would look smashing against that Comfort Gray wouldn't it?!?! And reds and yellows would as well.

See why I'm so stressed?!?!

This is where you come in.

1.Does the Comfort Gray clash with the countertops???

2.Does it clash with the Crabapple since it is a "colder" color???

3.Would the Crabapple give a boring look to my kitchen or add a seamless look as a whole to my house? (You can see my sitting room, foyer, and half bath all at once...think a circular colonial floorplan around the the staircase in the middle of house)

4.Is there a blue/green/gray color that is "warm" that I should try???

I welcome your answers, opinions, and suggestions.

I beg for them even.

If you have other colors that you think would work please do share.

More pictures of my kitchen and countertops before we painted cabinets here

08 07 10_2153

"My every mortal breath, is Grace and nothing less"

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