Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Lisa Leonard Winner and Ramblings

Thanks to all of you fabulous ladies that entered my Giveaway this week! You made it a huge success and I am seriously grateful. A big thank you to Lisa as well for her generosity. I let the birthday boy pick a random number and the winner is...


Congratulations! Please send me your email and I will get it to Lisa so you can start shopping!


I'm losing my mind.

No I'm serious.

I cannot remember anything to save my life these days.

This is what it has come to folks.

08 09 10_2147

The original Palm Pilot.

It's the only way.

I can't forget my hand.

So it works.


I'm going through early menopause.

Ok, so not really I suppose but it sure as heck feels like it.

My hormones are goofy these days.

I have terrible night sweats and wake up with my shirt soaked.



I'm in love with Kate Gosselin's new hair cut.

And her hair isn't even real.

So I'm conflicted.

Would it then be called a weave cut instead?


Speaking of haircuts.

I got one this week only to discover that it is uneven.

Totally lopsided.

One side has longer layers than the other.

Is there anything worse than haircut remorse??

It is driving me bonkers.

It's like walking around with a crooked picture on my head that I can't straighten.


My house has been invaded by Silly Bands.



I found this jacket at a yard sale and loved it.

For some reason this jacket makes everyone around me more than willing to share with me how much they dislike it.

Why pray tell?

What did my little green and white striped jacket ever do to you?

08 15 10_2052


Note to self:

"Do not wear your hair pulled back completely off your face ever again. You have a receding hairline remember?"

As if needing to add 10 minutes to my getting ready ritual just to pluck out gray hair wasn't insult enough.

I believe in women this is called a widow's peak.

Is that supposed to make me feel better?

It gets worse I'm afraid.

While camping a couple of weeks ago, my daughter was politely trying to get something off my face when she stood back and clasped her hands over her mouth in sheer horror.

The thing she was trying to get was attached.

It was about an inch and a half long.


And coming out of my eyebrow!!!!

Are there any words for this really?

Can you hit the "Unsubscribe" button fast enough?


On a lighter less disgusting note, I found Honeycrisp apples today!


I wait every year for September to roll around just for these apples.

If you have never tasted a Honeycrisp apple I demand that you step away from the computer and hop in your car to the nearest grocery store now.

Honeycrisp will ruin it for all other apples in your life and make you forget all the other apples from your past.

Your fruit bowl will never be the same.


Found this in my fridge this week.

09 02 10_2157



08 06 10_2156

We signed up for pen pals this summer.

My kids have loved this.

And we have learned a lot about snail mail just by sending these letters.

Not to mention it makes a great writing assignment.


We had a skating party for Aidan last night.

Certain things in life remind us of our age.

Skating is one of them.

I did manage to stay vertical the whole time.

This time.

But I hurt like nobody's business today.

In places I didn't even know I could.

Tell me though, who can resist "Jam On It"?

"My every mortal breath, is Grace and nothing less"

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