Tuesday, May 4, 2010

God of This City...Nashville.

"The rains came down...and the floods came up."

I can remember singing this in Sunday School before I could even read. This week, I lived it. I am not in the mood or mindset to worry about proper wording or even spell check at this point. I'm not in the mood to try to win over a new reader or impress some of my "blog idols"...today, I'm hurting.

The picture above is my precious Nashville today. Drowning in the Cumberland River. An epic 500 year flood. I've barely slept since Friday. I spent the first part of Saturday glued to the TV or in our storm shelter dodging funnel clouds.

As the day wore on, my fear of tornadoes was quickly replaced with waves of nausea as I watched (via TDOT cameras) as people were literally drowning in their stalled cars on the I-24. I watched people sit on the top of their cars crying for help as the flood waters rose around them. One of those people ended up being a 22 year old single father that was an employee of my husbands. So tragic.

And when it seemed like it could not get worse, the rains kept coming. And coming. For almost 2 whole days more. And what I've seen unfold on my television has broken my heart into a million pieces. I've watched a man stranded for hours as so many brave people tried to save him...only to learn later that as they tried to pull him in he was swept away and lost his life. I've spent hours in fear of a dear friend that was missing for 7 hours...she was safe..her house was not.

I've watched as beautiful The Opryland Hotel, where we take our kids every Christmas, was swallowed as the Cumberland came out of it's banks. Not to mention the Historic Grand Ole Opry...seeing this is like salt in the wound. We were just here at Christmas to see the Rockettes...remember?

My sisters boyfriend worked at the restaurant you will see in the Opryland video..he is now facing unemployment and the uncertainty of when he will be able to resume his job there.

I've received an email from a friend and fellow Homeschooler that read, "We just saw our house on the news...the water is up to the eves..please pray that we can keep the mind of Christ through this nightmare." They are facing total loss today. And our cities are still facing the threat of water contamination and water shortage.

I am also now dealing with the emotions that come with watching John Edwards mistress face plastered all over my tv but no mention of the complete devastation and loss so many are facing here...and will be for a long time. I'm praying about those feelings. Surrendering them. Some would even question "why God"...I know I do at times. But everytime I do, I'm met with a resounding "why not?". There is no where in scripture that we are promised to be spared from tragedy...or suffering...or loss. Only that in the midst of it...there He would be too. Oh Job...how did you do it?

I will say one thing. Nashvillians will not be a people to sit and bemoan their plight. They will not whine and ask when help will come. No. They are fighters and they themselves are in the trenches today...helping each other in the midst of their own loss. Being the hands and feet of Jesus.

Please pray for this city. And the numerous other towns and cities in our area that were affected....and the families of the 26 lives lost thus far.

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