Monday, May 17, 2010

A Schoolhouse in the making

*** I've been up since 5:30am and I'm too lazy to write up a whole 'nother post about our school room with big pretty pictures and all. It pretty much still looks like this...and it is still "in the making".

I posted this a while fact before Darcy got her hands on my blog and filled my world with pixel power.

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This room is located over our garage and in most houses would probably be dubbed "bonus room". Having three kids and all, it became a bedroom when our family moved in. We painted it to match the Nashville Predators comforter that my all things hockey teenager wanted from Pottery Barn. After being in this room a couple of years Tyler decided it was too cavernous for his liking and decided he wanted to bunk with his little brother. My husband and I agreed to move him out of the cave and into Aidan's room...we were so dumbfounded by the fact that they actually liked each other enough to share sleeping quarters, we never even stopped to consider the task we were taking on.

Once it was empty, I knew that I wanted this room to be our schoolroom. Ours was officially in the formal dining that we never used..not for dining anyway...unofficially all over our living room. ;-) So other than the fact that I would have to hike up and down the stairs for school, this space was perfect. Actually, it's a win-win now that I think about it...My husband gets a clutter free (most days) living room and I get legs of steel... One could hope right?



I wanted it to have an "old schoolhouse" feel to it...without the boring pasty white walls I endured in school.

Paint: Porter Paint "Golden Ecru" (Bottom pics are more true to color)
Vintage Style clock: Target
Curtains: Pottery Barn
Square Table with Green and Blue Chairs: Target ($30 bucks off!)
Brown desks: Wal-Mart
Red Desk: HomeGoods
Little Silver Pails: $1 each at Target

There is still more to be done...I want these for displaying artwork on the wall...but will have to wait till they are on Ebay or till my hubby takes me on a road trip to Atlanta since they are not sold online. I'm not holding my breath for either. And I want another table for the room that will be our "nature" table. Hoping to find a good table at Goodwill just begging for a paint job.

This room may be the place in which we will read books, diagram sentences, and learn algorithms...but my job and the classroom itself spills over into the hallways and all the other rooms of our home. It's there that school is always in session. When I'm talking to my husband...kind or unkind. When I'm talking to my children...with patience and understanding or without. When I'm cooking a meal for someone in need...or glued to my computer wasting hour upon hour of my time. When I'm reading my Bible...or reading blogs. When I'm on my knees in surrender...or stressed over all details of my life. Yes,we may have a new "classroom", but I'm being reminded more and more everyday that school...learning to love others more than focus on the needs of others live each day in complete surrender to God's will for our lives...that class is ALWAYS in session. After all, example is the the ultimate teacher. It always wins out.

We have been in this room for the last month and we LOVE LOVE LOVE it! And guess what??? No books in the living room....well, not as many. ;-)

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