Monday, January 11, 2010

Come on Weatherman

"Come on weatherman, give us a forecast snowy white." -Amy Grant

Strangely enough, "Tennessee Christmas" was my favorite Christmas song while living in the frozen Northeastern parts of the country for a few years. Why do I say strangely enough you ask? Well, because Amy Grant has never been artist you would have found in my pile of tapes...or later, the cd visor in my van...or now on a playlist on my iPod.

But there was something about that song that would make me so homesick for TN ...and Krystal burgers with sweet tea...that I could almost taste it. So nostalgic I would become emotional even. Something about that line "come on weatherman, give us a forecast snowy white" would stir up the 8 year old within...the girl that would get up before light to watch the Snow Bird report hoping there was NO SCHOOL! The girl with buck teeth and feathered bangs...and a Trapper Keeper that sported a unicorn on the cover.

I never thought so much about it before but it was almost like we were putting all our hope in that man (or woman...sorry Lisa) in the funny suit/pantsuit posing in front of a blank green computer screen...extending their arms North South East and West...pretending to know what the heck the weather was or wasn't gonna do...Like he/she really could deliver the goods if we just wished hard enough. Funny. I don't think I'd like to be a weatherman/woman...too much pressure. Too many disappointed kiddos.

We didn't get a White Christmas here in Tennessee this year...shocker I know. But we did get some snow (and record breaking low temperatures) this week. Not as much as they had predicted of course. Again, we were all shocked by their inaccuracy. But we did get about an inch or so over a 3 day period of a light snow falling. Of course my kids were out playing in it before it even had time to accumulate...and of course I grabbed my camera. :-)

the lightest, most perfect little pellets falling...loving my 50mm lens by the way.

Nick just blends in with the scenery...

Maggie managed to make this little snowman early in the day...

then by evening they were able to shovel up enough to make this was a "packed" snow so the carrot wouldn't stay in..poor guy. :-/
Even Bo enjoyed the white stuff.
Look at that sweet wouldn't dare hit your dear mom with that now would ya?

Aidan, sweetie..put the seriously...see this camera mommy's holding? Yeah, the one mommy gets super protective of? You know, like bears protect their young? And never lets anyone touch? Riiiiight...not even daddy...Yeah, go ahead and put that down sweetie and no one has to get hurt here ...mmk?

I failed to get some shots of the end result of our little snowstorm here in Tn...musta been distracted by all that coffee/tea/hot cocoa brewing I was doing with the help of my little red- headed Barista friend "Kay" .

In other non snow related news...this is what Tyler's been up to over Winter break...making a Russian Faberge' egg for World Geography. We homeschoolers really are shameless...the lengths we will go to in the name of education is shocking...and times. In case you were wondering, you have to poke a hole at each end...and then proceed to blow the contents of the egg out. I told him he was on his own with this one.

Then when it's empty...and dry...

you paint it however you like...Tyler created a person out of his...I heard Maggie telling Tyler that he should name it "Yoko"...get it? Yolk-O? Ha!

"And whatever I do, may it always bring glory to you"

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