Friday, December 14, 2012

Mad Sewing Skills, Strep, and BUNCO {InstaFriday}

Oh. My. Word.

Bath and Body Works has THE best candles ever.
All other candles just have a waxy smell.
Or they have this weird strong vanilla smell, that makes me feel like I'm choking in the back of my throat, no matter what the fragrance is.
Starts with "yank"...
End with"ee"...
Not that I'm naming names or anything.

Oh how I just need to be here right now. #taketheworld

Lately, I have just needed to be here.

Merry. Go. Round

Something about a Merry Go Round just screams, "Take a picture of me!"
I don't know what it is about them but I oblige.
Every time.

It's midnight...but dang if I didn't just bust out an Indian costume for my boys drama performance in the morning. My mom, sister and I are starting a new business. "Just Tunics...We Sew It, Flip It, Fringe It" We've even got a sister store in mind..."Tot

This boy made his acting debut this past week.
He takes 5th grade Drama at our homeschool tutorial.
Who waited till the last minute to make his Indian costume?
::raises hand::
This momma.
Was up till 1am making this.
Who can't sew to save her life?
::raises both hands::

My little "brave" in his 5th grade drama performance today.

Watching him come alive on the stage made all the glue gun burns I got worth it.

The whole cast of "Thanks For Giving" (except my Maggie who was backstage as Stage Director) @aidan1scool @magpie26

He seriously has the bug.
Complained the whole way home that it was over and that he has to wait till Spring to act again.
Did I mention his older sister was the Stage Director for his play?
Or that I have two kiddos with the acting bug?
Or that I'm looking to hire a seamstress?

She makes 50 look fabulous! We got her sooooo good by the way. ;)

This past week my husband and I were part of the BEST surprise birthday party.
My friend/mentor/past tutor of my kiddo/homeschool mom with kids in college turned 50.
Man, I hope I look this good when I get there.
She's gorgeous!

Such a fun night of celebrating a friend turning 50 and a game of Dirty Santa Bunco.

The night was filled with soups galore, laughter, cake, and BUNCO!!!
Can you believe it was my first time playing?
Where the heck have I been??
This game is so fun.
Plus it lends itself to the ADD within.
Non-stop action.
With a little cardio thrown in from time to time.
Yes, I lost a lot.
That's ok...I needed to burn off that cake.

Bunco Queen...errr, King. (No its not his birthday...that's our Bunco crown)

Adam was the Bunco Queen...errr, King.

This night was seriously too much fun. Soups galore, bunco, cake, and laughter. I am one blessed lady to have these people in my life.

I am such a blessed gal to have people like this in my life.
They make me look good.

Killin' time {shopping} with this handsome fella.  #coffeedate #boymom #mobsociety

Monday nights usually mean Bible Study for Adam and SSMASH (Secondary Students Meeting at Someone's House) for Maggie and Tyler.
That means I usually get this boy right here all to myself.
He makes the best coffee date.

Thank you Kroger fuel points. $1.60 off per gallon. Filled up the beast (Adams truck)....usually costs $70.

Thanks to Kroger fuel points I filled my husband's truck up this week for $1.60 off per gallon.
Usually takes $70ish dollars to fill.
Mommy like.

Read the labels people. Organic is NOT always more expensive.

Speaking of Kroger....
Check your prices people.
Organic does not always cost more.

My boy wanted to learn to sew..."sew" we did. ;)

My boy wanted to learn to sew.
"Sew" we did.

Little did I know he would break out into 101.4 fever within 20 minutes of taking this picture.
Nothing more humbling than your child with fever.
Nothing reminds me quicker that He is God...and I am not.
Many prayers and antibiotics later, he's back to building Legos and racing hot wheels.
Makes my heart smile.

life rearranged

"My every mortal breath, is Grace and nothing less"

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