Monday, December 19, 2011

14 Elf on the Shelf Ideas {Need some?}

Twas the week before Christmas and all throughout the homestead..
Mom and dad were haunted by thoughts of "what the heck are we gonna do with this elf tonight?!?! racing around in their head.

Starting a new tradition tonight. Meet Buddy the Elf. #elfontheshelf

Meet Buddy.

He came to live with us this year and he has been so much fun.

All day he watches our brood of three to see if their behavior has been bad or good...

Then while they are sleeping he reports back to the North Pole to fill Santa in on the deets.

No worries though...he is always back in time to greet them good morning.

Funny thing about Buddy...he seems to like a little mischief himself.

Buddy is an elf  my own heart. We share an affinity for Lindt culture. #elfontheshelf

First night here and he managed to eat his way through a whole bag of my white chocolate truffles.

I seriously considered kicking Buddy to the curb for this.

But then I realized he had bigger eating issues than I do so I may want to keep him around to help me feel better about myself.

Buddy "trimmed" our mini tree. #elfontheshelf

Buddy "rolled" our mini Christmas tree.

Glad to see Buddy is sticking to one of the elves 4 main food groups....syrup. #elfontheshelf

"We elves try to stick to the four main food groups: candy, candy canes, candy corns, and syrup."

Syrup is sticky. One of the few drawbacks to being an elf I suppose. At least Buddy is modest. :) #elfontheshelf

"Baby it's cooooold outsiiiiide."

Buddy must really miss the North Pole. #elfontheshelf

Buddy was really missing the snow back home.

Good thing I have SafeEyes on my computer. #elfontheshelf

Who knew elves were so tech savvy?

Ha Ha. Real funny Buddy. #elfyourself #elfontheshelf

Buddy "elf'd" the kids.

Wonder what Buddy charges for a sitting fee? #elfontheshelf

Wonder what he charges for a sitting fee?

Maggie went to a sleepover last night. Buddy isn't taking it too well. #elfontheshelf

Maggie went to a sleepover one night this week.

This is how we found Buddy the next morning.

Heartbroken elf. #elfontheshelf


Elf Art. #elfontheshelf

Elf Art.

Law and Order {elf style} Woody's hat has been recovered.  #elfontheshelf

"Good job recovering my hat guys. I'll take it from here." ~Sheriff Woody

Uh-Oh... #elfontheshelf

All I can say is that Rudolph isn't the only one that woke up with a red nose that day.

Buddy found our plain white milk to be just a little boring I guess. #elfontheshelf

Red and Green Milk.

Buddy I'd teaching geography today. #elfontheshelf

Buddy the Geography teacher.

Poor Buddy. #elfontheshelf

Under the weather.

Buddy just can't resist Woody's hat. Looks like it came down to a snowball fight. #elfontheshelf

Buddy just couldn't resist antagonizing Woody with his hat.

Looks like it came down to a snowball fight.

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