Tuesday, February 16, 2010

olympic gold and razor burn

I decided to deviate from the normal history and science this week and shake things up a bit here at our little school at home. I am a huge fan of Unit Studies...I just don't have the natural personality to pull them off that often. Translation: I'm not gonna receive "Relaxed Homeschooler of the Year" anytime soon. Which is sad for my kids because they LOVE Unit Studies and still have fond memories of reading "Ping" and eating hot dogs Chinese around the ottoman while listening to Chinese music.

I'm more of a structured "start a book, finish a book" kinda gal. Sad. I know. Stopping one thing midstream to do another just doesn't sit well with my brain. Which is funny cause I'm totally ADD. An ADD Perfectionist. Yikes!

Lately, through lots of prayer and surrender, I have been challenged to loosen up and have fun with my kids...cover the essentials and have fun with the rest.

I purchased this study on the Winter Olympics 2010 from Amanda Bennett. Love her studies. We are only on the first week out of four but we have already learned SO much about the origin of the Olympics and all the symbolism that goes along with it. Did you know that the first cookbook was written in Greece? Or that a man named Jesse Owens was the first person to win 4 Gold medals during the 1936 games in Berlin. Hitler was still in power. Owens was African American. Love it. If you did already know these things...don't tell me. Just let me relish in my new knowledge.

This is one of the many things I love about Homeschooling. That I myself am learning more than I ever did in school...and actually enjoying the process...and I get to do it alongside three of the most beautiful people on Earth. Man alive, I am blessed.

The kids have so genuinely enjoyed watching these games that we decided that we would make a "Medal Count." I cannot tell you how much fun this was for them to make. And it was...GEOGRAPHY! We found each one of these on the globe and got a bit more familiar with their flags. We didn't list all of the countries...just the ones that had placed as of Monday. We figure if more place we can always add to the back.


Remember last week when I told you about Maggie learning to crochet? And how I asked her if she could make 15 blue bracelets for my Bible Study attendees?

Well, my girl delivers.

This week while I was shredding what's left of the cartilage in my left knee working out, Adam managed to catch this video of Aidan...who insisted that he too should be able to shave (with the cap on of course). You know, like his big 13 year old brother. Did I forget to mention that? Maybe it's cause I'm still grieving my baby (and the hair above his lip) and can't speak of such things right now without tearing up. Maybe I'll get around to blogging about my obvious depression over watching my oldest become a young man...and my daughter blossoming into a young lady. Maybe.

For now I'll just take comfort in the fact that at least one of my children is yet to show any real signs of puberty. Phew. He may just need to work on his coping skills a bit. Enjoy.

"And whatever I do, may it always bring glory to you"

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