Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Apparently, we are Campers

Who knew???? Not us only took us 10 years to figure out that spending quality unplugged time away from all other distractions of the world... nestling up to campfires and throwing back burnt marshmallows...would make for what might possibly be our very favorite way to vacation as a family...

Who knew the fog lifting over the lake would greet us every morning?

Who knew we would look left and right of us and this be the closest any other campers would be to us???
And that it would feel like we had the whole park to ourselves?

Who knew I would feel compelled to take random shots of our bikes?

Or that my kids would race to draw with sidewalk chalk as soon as they woke up??
That this would be the view from the Playground?...
that this would be my view through my the playground??..
and this...
this too...
That we would be become extremely happy and content with things such as ....birdwatching...
Bird identifying...
Daughter holding...
son photographing...
Stopping to smell the wild onions roses....
looking for the perfect rock....
to skip....
collecting rocks and sticks in a "nature basket"...

sitting for hours at the picnic table...
doing this....(mag's birdhouse)
and this...(Aidan's)
paying close attention to detail....
and ending up with this...(Aidan's)

Being just days away from becoming a teenager, and not being "too cool" for painting birdhouses...
reaping the benefits of our hard work...
doing the "dirty" work... :-)

being followed by a ridiculously proud mom sporting a Rebel around her neck at all times...

taking in the sunset....


with friends...

I couldn't end this without telling about our God moment....Who knew that when we arrived and were setting up we would blow a fuse and have no temps dropping by the minute to freezing???? Who knew that I am a bit nervous about propane heat and was insisting we just use our electric space heaters for the weekend???? I'll tell you who knew...My God that's who!!!! We were probably one of 10 campers in the whole park...and the closest campers to us were at least 10 sites away...there seemed to be a group together so Adam walked down to ask if anyone could possibly help us rookies out. I kid you not...who walked back with him???? An ELECTRICIAN (fuse problem) and non other than a BIOCHEMIST from Vanderbilt to tell me that propane is apparently only one molecule away from Carbon which makes it the safest gas to burn.....hmm...WHO KNEW?!?!?
"And whatever I do, may it always bring glory to you"

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