Saturday, November 3, 2012

No Make-up, Dishes In the Sink, and Emergency Coffee Dates {InstaFriday}

Because math is always easier with a poodle by your side.  #standardpoodle #homeschool @magpie26

Walked into Maggie's bedroom this week and found this.
Apparently poodles make excellent math tutors.

My manly man heading out on his first ever backpacking adventure. So excited for him. I'm kinda diggin' this look too.

Adam went on his first ever "Man Hike" this past weekend.
He's all head over heels and stuff.
Apparently it was "love at first night sleeping in a hammock".
Have at it my love.
I'm kinda having this scandalous fling with my bed and food that wasn't meant to be eaten in space.

Words cannot describe the fall goodness I'm inhaling right now in my house. #fall

Bought this candle a week ago today.
It's halfway gone.
I kid you not.
It's like piping fall straight up the nostrils.

Fire. Fall. Fellowship. #lifegroup

Speaking of fall and nostrils...I am such a sucker for the smell of wood burning.
Maybe it's because I grew up with a wood stove in the house and it makes me feel all 8 years old again.
Maybe it reminds me of my daddy.
I don't know the reason...I just know I love the smell of a fire and fall is the perfect excuse to saturate my clothing with it.

Because sometimes friends will need to call emergency coffee dates. And we will come running...because sometimes it's all that keeps us sane. Thankful for friendships that don't require makeup, brushed hair, or matching clothes.  #monthofthanks #1000gifts

A girlfriend text me late Thursday night to ask for prayer.
She was having a really bad week.
I called another mom that I knew could relate.
What came next was what I like to call an ECD.
Emergency Coffee Date.
So thankful for friendships that do not require make-up, brushed hair, or matching clothes.

And yes, I brought pumpkin donuts from Dunkin Donuts into Starbucks.
I'm sorry ya'll, I big puffy heart love their lattes...but their desserts are like eating sugar sprinkled cardboard.
I dared them to say something.
I was fully prepared to point out how much I paid for that donut and how much I just paid for their fru fru drink.
Clearly they were getting the better end of my business.

Speaking of pumpkin.
It has got to go.
I find it irresistible in whatever form it comes in.
In fact if Starbucks wanted to slather some Trader Joe's pumpkin butter on their cardboard desserts I might just eat them.

Treating my youngest with a coffee/tea date with mom thanks to my secret sister.

A surprise trip through the drive thru + offering my youngest anything he wanted = pretty much the happiest 10 year old boy on the whole planet.
He kept telling me all day, "Mom, I just can't stop thanking you for letting me get that pumpkin coffee today."

This sweet face. That smile.  #monthofthanks #1000gifts

Moms, DO NOT underestimate the power of sometimes throwing caution to the wind...forgetting all the rules...and just being a "yes!" mom.

Rake and Run 2012. #homeschool #serviceproject #highschool

Twice a year LCA (homeschool tutorial) offers our Jr. High and Sr. High students an opportunity to do service projects in the community.
Yesterday a group of teenagers headed out with rakes and gloves to help a few elderly people clean up their yards.
I love these kids to pieces.
They inspire me.

Thank you Netflix for having such well rounded categories.

It is good to know that we can count on Netflix to have such well rounded movie categories.
Something for everyone.

I have you @angiesmith19 to blame for this feeling of pure vulnerability friend @tmwarrick read your post and challenged friends. This is me world. No make-up, 36 years of wrinkles, and braces. Oh and let's not leave out the huge forehead and recedin

I was challenged this week to jump on board with #thenewpretty.
The motivation behind this?
Be real.
I'm all about it here on my blog.
But posting a picture of myself sans makeup???
Skeery stuff.
But why though?
That's a whole 'nother post I'm sure.

My kitchen sink today. #thenewpretty #transparency @tmwarrick @nataliefettig @cakc40

Now that you've seen my wrinkles and my dark spots...
Here's my sink.

Happy first weekend of November friends! :-)

life rearranged

"My every mortal breath, is Grace and nothing less"


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