Friday, January 13, 2012

InstaFriday {On Friday!! Woot!}

Merry Christmas to me. #giftcard #letsdothis #fatbegone

As a homeschool mom I am always looking for ways to make the ordinary educational.

Just this week I discovered that Just Dance does in fact have educational value.

For example, I now know that I have not one descendant from Latin America. Not one.

Having a vintage gumball machine in my kitchen makes me smile. #janphotoaday

Wanna smile...just for no reason??

Put a vintage gumball machine in your house.

Our guitar players shoes tonight. I all kinds of love this color.

Or hang out with people that wear snazzy green Converse.

That'll do it.

Spelling on the couch. Bed head. Camo pj's. Preds jersey. And a pop-tart. Love it. #homeschool #1000gifts #joydare


Bed head.

Camo Pj's.

Preds jersey.



Homeschooling at it's finest right here folks.

Life giving. #jesuscalling

If you do not have this devotional I highly recommend it.

It just may change your life.

Jesus Calling.

Get it.

Lampshade love at target. Price? Notsomuch.

On Wednesday I found this at Target.

I was instantly taken back to my Grandma's living room.

I love this lamp.

But if I am going to spend the $50 Target is asking for it...I'd rather get the real deal from an antique store.

Mustard affection.

What the heck is up Tarjaaay???!!!

You have like every color under the sun, that I all kinds of love, all on one aisle right now.

Is this some form of shopper's torture you are testing out?

See how much we can take before we break and take out a second mortgage on our homes to buy it all??!!

No fair.

Words of wisdom from a young girl that died 3 months later. These were her resolutions for the New Year.

This was written by a young {teenagerish} girl as her New Year's Resolutions.

Three days later she died.

Her father found it and passed it along to the world.


It's snowing in Tennessee!!! Doesn't take much to excite us. :)

My back yard yesterday.

Squint your eyes and look reeaaallyy close and you can see it.....


And yes, there is no bread or milk to be found within a 20 mile radius and schools are closed today.

What can I say? I live in Tennessee.

life rearranged

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