Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Tumblr Tutorial and Weekly Randomness

Thanks to sweet folks like Melissa, who are really good at computer stuff and writes "for dummies" tutorials for clueless folks like myself, I can now hold onto something that is very precious and dear to me.

Something I have been losing in vast numbers at a steady pace since giving birth to kiddo #3.

Something that I am beginning to treasure as I twirl through my 30's.

Brain cells.

The lack of these little microscopic jewels causes me to do things like ask, "Where's my cell phone?!?!"

While holding it in my hand.

Or greet the bug man at the door without my bra.

Melissa's tutorial on how to have your very own Tumbler site has changed my life.

I know I know.


But oh so true.

Now when The Nester has something marvelous on her site (I know, I know...when does she not?!?!) that I don't want to forget, instead of having 53 windows open on my computer simultaneously, I can now just click.."Share on Tumblr" and it will store my fabulous find on my tumblr site for me! I can even save a picture of what it is I'm remembering.

Fabulous for the visual learner like myself.

Plus they are really fun to create just like a blog. Take a peek at mine here but be sure to head to Melissa's and follow her tutorial to create your very own.

Your brain cells will thank you for it.


I'm having a Pampered Chef party at my house tomorrow night.

I have no idea what possessed me to do this.

Yes I do.

I want this and don't want to pay full price for it.

Other than needing to clean and prepare my house to host a ridiculous amount of ladies, I am extremely stoked because it is a breakfast theme party and we are all wearing our pj's and bunny slippers. :-)

That's how I roll.


Did I mention I'm a horrible hostess?

Seriously I did not get the hostess gene when God was working up his DNA concoction for me.

I do not have cute "hosty" things to serve people on either.

Hope they like paper plates.

How about you? Are you "hostess challenged" like myself?

If not, don't answer cause I already hate you.


I'm feeling so much better than I was at the end of last week. I do however have a nasty cough/asthma issue I can't seem to shake so I'm off to see the doc today. I am one Z-pac away from feeling 100%! Thanks so much for all the prayers and sweet comments you all left. Prayer and friendship is good for the soul.

And near death sickness. (Drama again)


My girlfriends and I have officially just booked our annual Gatlinburg getaway for this year. I am so excited!

No kids.

No husbands.

Private Pool.

Hot Tub.

Laughing till I nearly pee my pants.


Recently,at the funeral of the mother in law of one of our gals, an elderly lady stood up to pay tribute to her longtime friend. There was a group of them that had been best friends for 40+ years. Getting married...having babies...and even sharing in loss. A very sweet bond.

She proceeded to affectionately refer to this group of (Christian elderly) ladies in her life as her "Smut Sisters". You can imagine.



They also had a slogan that went with this affectionate title.

"We are S.M.U.T.S, not sluts"

I kid you not.


I hope I have a group of "SMUTS" that will stand and share some of the many memories we made along the way together at my funeral one day too. :-)

This weekend I will embark on a hard treacherous journey.

A scary place to be.

Frightening even.

Where few moms have dared to venture.

Alone anyway.

A road trip with my 3 children.

The 12 hour kind to be exact.

Each way.

We will be driving all the way from Nashville to Tampa to visit my mom for a week.

And this will be my co-pilot


He is thrilled to have this "front seat riding" crown bestowed upon his handsome 14 year old head.

But I'm sure it's just because right now he thinks it involves eating Pringles, reclining the seat into his sisters legs,and listening to his MuteMath (or silent arithmetic as my husband calls them) on his iTouch the whole way.

Poor guy is gonna get a good ole' Homeschooling crash course in map skills.

And he doesn't even know it yet.

Insert evil mom laugh here.

I am super excited about this trip but the length of it already has me hating myself for having such a fear of flying.

This is where I would inform you that I used to be a Travel Agent and even had Frequent Flyer miles and you would say, "What the heck is your problem then? Get on the plane you big sissy!"

If my hubby were coming along I'd say there would be a little blue pill involved and presto we would be there in 2 hours. And he could make sure my unconscious body was removed from the plane. But he isn't so I was afraid I'd pass out on the plane and leave my poor children to fend for themselves with those oxygen masks.

It is going to be a LONG trip but I am determined for it to be a bonding experience with my kids.

We will be stopping overnight on the way there and back so it shouldn't be too awful.

And the fact that we are also going here helps make it all the more bearable of course.

The fact that they have $5 kids tickets right now made for one happy frugal momma too!

Yes, I picked the hottest time of the year to drive to The Sunshine State.

To walk around a theme park all day.


With 3 kids.

I must be feverish right?

I may be when I have my heat stroke.

I may be shamelessly knocking poor unsuspecting children off the front row at the Shamu show.

If I end up on the news for assualting young children or swimming with the dolphins without permission you will still be my friend right?

I don't know if I will be as brave as Ruthanne and post videos of our trip.

1. Her hair is perfect and not to be emulated.

2. My car will not be that clean so I'd hate for you to see my video and feel compelled to send it in to "Hoarders".

3. My head is too big for those Burger King hats.

But I do plan to blog while there so stay tuned.

"My every mortal breath, is Grace and nothing less"

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