Friday, June 5, 2009

Maggie May...

That was the song that was playing in the delivery room 9 years ago today when Maggie Elizabeth McManus came into this world....head full of jet black hair, spitting image of her daddy, and cheeks made just for squeezin'....turning our world on it's side...and forever pink.

The jet black hair gave way to strawberry blonde waves but the tenacious spirit remained...Only God Himself knew what Maggie would bring to my the life of our family. She has been from day one, strong willed and fiery! While nursing her, as a newborn even, she would clinch her fists and hold her breath till red in the face if I did not get her what she needed quick enough! Guess I should've known then that the toddler years were going to be blood, sweat. and tears! Independent beyond comprehension. "Me do it!" was a common phrase from age 2 and on. And although I thought at times I would surely lose my mind between the ages 2-5, I always knew and even prayed over her that one day that stubborn mind of hers would pay off and be used to bring God glory! I have watched Maggie grow into the most amazing little lady....that fierce independence now plays out in the form of setting her alarm and starting her schoolwork before her brothers have dare dreamed of even stirring...sometimes before I have even stirred! That strong will now looks like a young Daughter of the Most High King that stands firm in her Salvation and will not be shaken in what she believes!

Maggie is the most giving, most humble person I believe I have ever had the privilege of knowing. She is the one in Sunday School that shares her offering money with a little girl that didn't bring any to give. She is the one that brings enough quarters to El Rey to get each of her brothers a piece of gum at the candy machines as we leave. She is the little sister that thinks to bring her brothers their jackets to the car as we are leaving "just in case" they need them later. She is the one that asks me in her bed at night about adopting a a little girl that has no home. She is also the one that asks to sell her Kit Kittredge doll to help someone that is adopting. She is the precious young lady that sits in her bed faithfullly each night and commits to reading scripture and even keeps a notebook that she copies a new scripture a day into....all on her own accord mind you!

And if I ever wondered if God has a sense of humor....I now know. Maggie is the complete opposite of me. Which has made for some interesting battles...but I have learned to choose my battles more wisely these days...and what I have learned through these precious 9 years is that He sent her to me to challenge grow change make me more like Him.

Yes, I see so much of Him in her...I am amazed at the beautiful person she has become...she has the sweetest spirit...everyone that encounters her is touched by it....and if I were to be honest, I would have to tell you that my daughter is someone I look up to....she is someone that impresses me beyond words....she is someone that I would choose to be any day if given the choice. She makes me want to be selfless...braver....better. And I get so emotional when I allow myself to hear God whisper to my heart the plans He has for her....part of me wants to shut it out because I want to hold her tight to me always....but I can't. I hear Him very strongly when He says that He has great plans for a heart like hers....plans that may test me in my own faith and trust in Him. We commit her to You Lord!

At her baptism

kids camp '08

Her favorite thing to do....All things Art!

Happy Birthday my precious Magpie!!!! We love you more than all the stars! :-)

"And whatever I do, may it always bring glory to you"

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